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Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
Shield Of Doom

[table of contents]
Battlefield 4: East Orlando, or: I can't think of anything interesting to say here.
Did someone order a filler mission?

After saving Durant, Yggdra's Royal Army raised its banners to smash a disorganized Imperial Army unit. The victory was only temporary, but the Royal Army's Imperial pursuers were forced to delay their next attack.

The Imperial Army's Orlando patrol was being supported by three forts used as supply depots in the east. The Royal Army moved forth to capture these posts while the Imperial Army's pursuit was on hold.

Battlefield 04: East Orlando

Canal Bridge: Check Point!

East Stronghold 1: Check Point!

Victory condition:

Defeat condition:

All right, I can definitely take these guys on, but my forces aren't in the best condition. Durant's holding on with a decent 1251 morale, but Milanor's got 918 and Yggdra's down to 527. While I don't plan on losing here, I don't like to take risks like that.

Therefore, it's time to have my characters eat some equipment. Yggdra takes the one Medallion I have, putting her at a respectable 1263 morale. Milanor then eats Inzaghi's old hat, which recovers 1000 morale for him.

After selecting Durant, I get to choose my cards. I'm limited to 8 for this map, so I leave Mirage, Refreshment, and Rockfall behind.

This map is basically an extended tutorial about combat advantage. There are three sections to it, each of which contains the following:

Now, the first fort is defended by fencers, who use swords. Yggdra is neutral toward them, while Durant is strong against them. Both will prove effective here.

I start out with Steal as usual, then start moving Yggdra forward, stopping on every single grass tile. Soon enough, my doing so is rewarded with an item.

The Four-Leaf Clover is randomly obtained when Yggdra (and only Yggdra) stops on a grass tile. You might remember ''Riviera'' doing something similar. This is the first time I've actually managed to find it, so I guess it's another Item Manual entry at the very least.

Since there's only one Four-Leaf Clover, I move Yggdra up to the fort in one, then send Durant to back her up. I have 1 move left so I have Milanor make a token advance.

I then have Yggdra and Durant fight the guards, making sure to keep the captain out of the enemy union. They both win, but the enemy's Geo Defense keeps both of my foes alive.

On the enemy turn, all three fencers attack, and my worst fears are realized when both of the ones who fight Yggdra win. Durant killed the one who attacked him, though.

For take two, I move Yggdra onto the fort using Flame. This lets her do much better, thanks to her Fort Advantage. She also levels up and winds up with 2 full stars of Tec.

On the enemy turn, my mighty foes fall to Yggdra and Durant's power. I then use Revolution to send Milanor up next to the captain.

E. Storage 1: Check Point!

My next move is to send Yggdra south, also next to the captain.

My next move is to add Durant to Milanor's union, right before Yggdra. This allows her to fight the captain with a battle penalty, significantly increasing her ability to slay him.

My final action is to move Yggdra out of the union before ending my turn. The captain would've attacked her otherwise, and I don't trust her ability to win this fight without a battle penalty in her favour.

Ultimately, my strategy allows Milanor to crush the captain, who couldn't move off the space he was guarding. Milanor then levels up, gaining a third full star of Atk.

Slain! -A warrior has fallen.-

I'm not going to transcribe the death quotes for all of these guys, because they add nothing to the game.

I don't need to tell you what card I used to move Yggdra east in preparation for the next part, then send Durant to take the fort (and the captain's Medallion).

Strategy Succeeded! -Gained control of East Stronghold 1!

East Stronghold 1: Check Point!

Occupy! -Seized control!-

Blaze! -The fire is lit!-

East Stronghold 2: Check Point!

Victory condition:

I'm also going to be omitting defeat conditions when they haven't changed from the previous part of the battlefield.

Burnt Stronghold 2: Check Point!

Once again, Steal is my opener as I send Yggdra east. The troops defending this next fort are all bandits, so she's in little to no danger. I send her to the east side of the fort, attacking from the north (the captain's on the northwest tile, safely out of range of her). After she wins her two fights, I send Milanor to support her while making a token effort to move Durant in.

On the enemy turn, some bandits think they can take Milanor on if he doesn't have backup. Hint: They can't.

My next turn consists of using Flame to send Yggdra south after the last bandit, which has the side effect of letting her get the second book.

E. Storage 2: Check Point!

With Milanor's help, Yggdra is able to slay the last bandit. Milanor then moves east a space to confront the captain.

Durant, once again, is unable to join us right now. Milanor defeats the captain when he attacks him, but the fight's not quite over yet.

My next turn consists of a Revolution-powered attack with everyone, having moved Milanor to accommodate a union with Durant before Yggdra. When Yggdra moves next to the captain...

Unfortunately for the captain, he is unable to survive the combined powers of the Royal Army. His death allows Yggdra to take the fort (and another Medallion).

Strategy Succeeded! -Gained control of East Stronghold 2!-

Occupy! -Seized control!-

Blaze! -The fire is lit!

East stronghold 3: Check Point!

Victory condition:

You know, I feel kind of sorry for the troops who signed on expecting to fight glorious battles for the future of Bronquia, only to be assigned to these places. "I'm assigned to defend Karona!" "Really? That's lucky. The place I'm being sent to doesn't even have a name."

Burnt Stronghold 2: Check Point!

The final fort is defended by hunters. Hunters use bows, and they have noon advantage. Naturally, you want to attack them when it isn't noon.

I start off by using Steal to send Milanor up to the captain right away.

I proceed to attack with Milanor and Yggdra. It's night when I make my move, so Yggdra handily defeats the hunter she's up against, and Milanor naturally has no trouble against the captain himself.

My final move is to get Yggdra out of the union, then send Durant up. I don't have the movenemt to get him into Milanor's union, though.

The enemy forces perform a highly uninspired attack using the same formation they used last time. The hunter is able to take Milanor down, though.

Since it is now noon, the hunters are capable of crushing my forces. Therefore, I make a tactical retreat using Banish, whilst sending Yggdra to a house east of the fort.

Nomad Hamlet: Check Point!

The enemy responds to my strategy by doing nothing. I then set up a full union to fight them off, using the mighty Revolution. This kills the captain, so I get ready to take the fort on the next turn.

Before actually capturing the place, I send Milanor into the upper-right corner, where...

E. Storage 3: Check Point!

Because he hasn't taken any of these yet, I have Milanor capture the final fort. Yes, this captain dropped a Medallion, too.

Strategy Succeeded! -Gained control of East Stronghold 3!-

Occupy! -Seized control!-

Blaze! -The fire is lit!-

I just barely made the quick clear bonus, at 18 turns. Milanor wins MVP, which goes right to his Gen. I also get the card the guards were using here, Shield Barrier. It will prove highly useful to me over the course of the game, but right now it's mainly good because it has 6 move and 1500 power.

New items:

Music this update:

After the last fight, it's a very good thing they gave us a breather. It's a bit of a weak note to end the chapter on, though.

Unfortunately for the possibility of making a running gag out of Milanor's taste for headgear, he doesn't have one. Looking through the item manual, none of the hats I've accumulated give him more than 1000 morale.

Anyway, I'll probably make the next update a primer on the basic classes and what they can do. After that, we'll start on chapter 2.
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