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Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
Shield Of Doom

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Battlefield 10 part 2: Operation Wilted Rose
As requested, it is now time to terminate Rosary.

Now, this map is the farthest I ever got in the GBA version. Do you want to know why?

Well, for starters I was in my "use Marcus" phase, so Yggdra was lagging horribly behind everyone else. Now, I chose to attack Roswell, who has more Gen than Rosary. Yggdra therefore ended up losing 10% morale on every fight, and her lack of stats prevented her from gaining enough of a lead to really offset that.

Furthermore, each leader is standing on fort terain, which has 40% Geo Defense. In the PSP version this isn't so bad, but I was playing the GBA version, where it cancelled out the bonus for having Yggdra survive each fight.

Oh, and did I neglect to mention the Ankhs? Yes, they force you to take multiple hits from those things to win.

At any rate, let's get this started. I choose Doll Craft and move toward Rosary's lands.

Now, Rosary is protected by a force of golems who use Earthquake. This card is quite dangerous, because there it destroys bridges.

On an unrelated note, my movement leads Milanor onto the city we freed.

Marvel City: Check Point!

Enlightening. Anyway, Yggdra and Nietzsche kill a golem.

The golem also smashed a bridge, which is going to make things difficult.

On Rosary's turn...

Ankh Cannon! -Judgement of the gods.-

Anyway, on my turn I take Necro Gate and start moving my troops, beginning by moving Nietzsche into the river at the northernmost point.

Koop River: Check Point!

At this point, I decide to try this again with less bridge-killing, for my convenience more than anything. Revolution does quite nicely, saving me quite a bit of trouble. I also elect to keep everyone who isn't Yggdra out of ankh range for this turn.

Anyway, this time I use Doll Craft on my second turn, and move everyone into position to cross the river.

The ankh still hurts on Rosary's turn, but I've got plenty of morale for now. I use Steal to move Milanor up into Rosary's face.

I send Durant to support Milanor. The ensuing fight gets me Rosary's item, along with three wins.

Also, a bridge exploded from golem attacks.

On Rosary's turn, she attacks. Her own fight against Milanor ends well, but she loses all her backup (also Milanor leveled up).

On my turn, I choose Blizzard and send Durant forward to take Milanor's place.

I move Nietzsche to support Durant, while getting Milanor out of ankh range (and into the union). This fight goes very well, thanks in part to Diamond Dust allowing Nietzsche to win easily without water.

My next action following this is to battle save, so as to reduce the chances of bad luck ruining things. Fortunately, it proves unnecessary, as Durant and Nietzsche are sufficient to bring an end to the White Rose.

Justice Prevailed! -Lady Rosary was annihilated!-

Slain! -A warrior has fallen.-

Well, Milanor got another MVP bonus he didn't really need. I won on turn 24, one turn after the quick clear bonus requirement, so he only gets 1 Luk instead of 2, but it was still enough to push it over 3 full stars.

Wait, weren't we forgetting something?

Black Rose Manor: Check Point!

Oh right, the evil doom knight at Roswell's place.

(Fade out, then back in to the same screen. What were you thinking, Sting?)

New Card:

New items:

Well, that's it for map 10. Roswell's version is definitely easier, if only because it doesn't rely on you killing mooks in a single turn to actually finish it. Next time, we'll go save Roswell.
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