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Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
Shield Of Doom

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Battlefield 8: Black Rose Domain, or: The World's Least Villainous Necromancer
Last time, if you would be so kind as to think back that far, the Royal Army inadvertently extirpated the Undines from their home territory.

I don't see how that works, given that we fought at most 128 Undines, but whatever. They reincarnate instead of reproducing, so I guess that could be a significant portion of the population...?

Whatever. Let's move on before this plotline makes me angry again.

The battle at Florand ended with the Royal Army victorious, and the principality of Embellia essentially ruined. What was one small battle was rapidly becoming a giant vortex, dragging in everything around it.

The Royal Army headed north for Verlaine Hills, a former Fantasinian territory. When they reached the eastern portion, the Black Rose Domain, a tremendous sound split the sky, and flames arose in the distance.

Rosary, the scion of the house of the White Rose that rules the western area had begun invading the Black Rose Domain with her supernatural golems.

Battlefield 08: Black Rose Domain

Embellia Border: Check Point!

Village: Check Point!

Assault! -Under siege!-

Black Rose Manor: Check Point!

Victory condition:

Defeat condition:

Well, let's get to it! My first action is to feed Yggdra, Milanor, and Durant some Medallions, because they could definitely use them.

Instead of using the Aquarius now, I go with the Hair Band. I can get more use out of its effect, and its effect on Nietzsche's stats is roughly the same (the big benefit is getting her 4 Luk, which will permit her to force many item drops). Milanor gets the Winged Sandals, for they shall improve his stealing.

Lastly, Yggdra now has the Brave Ring so as to make her stats less terrible. It's effect is nice too, I guess.

For cards, I can take 8. My choices are Steal, Bloody Claw, Shield Barrier (DEAR GOD do I ever want that one here), Revolution, Mind Change, Banshee's Cry, Blizzard, and Banish.

All right, here we go. My foes are Rosary (who is a witch), along with her golems Sodom and Gomorrah. Rosary is the only threat here right now, but that's going to change soon enough.

At any rate, I've also nominally got to protect Roswell. He won't really get attacked, though, so I don't have to worry. His class is Necromancer, which would be really cool in a different game.

Anyway, Rosary's first action is to send Sodom south, to a nearby village.

Flarney Village: Check Point!




Rosary can't really do much else, but she does move Gomorrah east a space.

Did I mention that golems can only move one space at a time? Because golems can totally only move one space at a time.

Anyway, I use Revolution to send Yggdra up in Gomorrah's general direction. That's it.

Rosary can't do much this turn, but she can move Sodom and Gomorrah toward their eventual targets. Gomorrah is right next to his target, but won't get the chance to attack it.

With the might of Banshee's Cry, Yggdra strikes at the golem.

Yggdra is quite capable of destroying golems in single combat. Banshee's Cry doesn't have enough power for her to fell one on her own, but Roswell joins in on the action, bringing the foul monstrosity to its knees.

Honestly, the only reason I used Banshee's Cry was so that Roswell would get to attack. His theme music is amazing.

Anyway, I also move Milanor up a bit while breaking any and all unions he's involved in. This is because I'm psychic and know that once Rosary's done moving her one remaining golem, Mizer will show up again.

Mobilize! -Time to move out!-

Mizer does absolutely nothing of note, so I just get ready to steal his new shoes. They're nothing special, but I can only afford to miss one pair ever.

Which is why I move Milanor up to the poor sod right away.

I head after Mizer with a union consisting of Milanor, Durant, and Nietzsche. They all win, but he managed to stun two of them. At least I drove him off the field and got his boots, though.

Pull Back! -Time to regroup!-

I then move Yggdra to the town Sodom is threatening.

Magician Village: Check Point!

Rosary refuses to use her golem to attack. This fails to save it, for I use Bloody Claw on my turn. This does quite a bit of damage, but not enough to kill it. Fortunately, this also gives Milanor and Nietzsche time to recover, in addition to letting me choose Shield Barrier for my card.

I move Milanor up next to the last golem, opposite Yggdra.

In addition, I move Durant two spaces north, where he can support both Yggdra and Milanor.

They aren't needed, though, for Yggdra destroys the golem easily on her attack.

Defended! -Protected from the enemy!-

Strategy Succeeded! -Prevented the golems' invasion!

Verdant Grassland: Check Point!

(Several Imperial troops arrive on the scene.)

Valley Meadows: Check Point!

Reinforcements! -Help has arrived!-

Victory condition:

All right, I've got to fight Russell now. He's pretty tough, most notably having 4 Tec.

Furthermore, he has Item Break, a card that...breaks my items. This is quite annoying, to say the least. He doesn't have much morale, though.

The Imperial troops get the first move, but it doesn't do them much good. Shield Barrier allows me to block Item Break easily, and it also gets Milanor an advantage over the generic fencers.

On Roswell's turn, he decides to start something of his own...

My turn involves using Steal to send Yggdra to the two towns we saved, which both have stuff for us. First, the north town.

Celim Magic School: Check Point!

Now, the south town.

Magician Village: Check Point!

I then attempt to take the items from Rosary and Russell. Unfortunately, I fumbled the steal for Russell, but I got Rosary's item. Also, Milanor leveled up.

Russell then sends a valkyrie to die against Yggdra, while Rosary strikes Nietzsche. Then, on Roswell's turn...

Ankh Cannon -Judgement of the gods.-

(A beam of light strikes the battlefield, damaging all enemy troops.)

So, Roswell just used his Ankh. It does damage equal to 20% of the target's remaining morale, and hits enemies in a reasonably wide area. Roswell will use it every turn from here on out.

Anyway, I use Bloody Claw to rearrange my union, then attack Rosary. Milanor hits her, Yggdra kills a valkyrie, Nietzsche takes on Russell, and Durant finishes Rosary. Nietzsche levels off of this.

Withdraw! -Forced to retreat.-

After that, Russell's last fencer commits suicide, and the man himself steps forward.

After Roswell fires his ankh again, I use Blizzard. With it, Milanor moves east a space, and Nietzsche steps up to the plate.

Russell's chivalry isn't enough to save him from a Nietzsche critical hit. I finish the fight with Diamond Dust, more out of a sense of the dramatic than anything else.

Pull Back! -Time to regroup!-

Justice Prevailed! -Astral Fencer Russell Annihilated!

That went pretty darn well. I took 26 turns when the quick clear bonus was 23, but the items were worth it. Milanor wins MVP.

Also, I made Russell drop his sword, the Zantetsu. There's also the two new cards I got, Doll Craft and Item Break.

Black Rose Manor: Check Point!

New Cards:

New items:

Music this update:

Well, there's not much to say about this stage. One thing, though: If you kill both golems before turn 7, Mizer won't appear. So hold your fire a bit.

Edit: Forgot an item.
1st Sep '11 7:36:52 PM flag for mods
Roswell's sprite is a shining example of why this game shouldn't have just used palette swaps for named members of non-unique classes, I should note.

It kind of doesn't. It does on GBA, but the PSP version (which you said you were playing, remember?) has different sprites for everyone.

Also I have that last one as being called Imperial Army Admiral Sortie. Huh.
AweStriker 1st Sep 11
They did redraw the sprites, yes, but the game still has Roswell wearing the ridiculous skull-hat. Likewise, Nietzsche still suddenly gains a ponytail in combat, Eudy has they pointy witch hat in battle, and so forth.

I do, however, applaud Sting for taking the time to fix Yggdra's dress. That was pretty stupid in the GBA version.
ShieldOfDoom 1st Sep 11
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