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Shield Of Doom

Character List

This second post will be used to contain a list of every character I encounter. It will eventually contain spoilers as to the fates of the characters, but right now it's little more than a placeholder. I do, however, have a couple of characters to add right away.

  • Yggdra Yuril Atrwaltz: The stupidly-named Princess of Fantasinia. She carries the Holy Sword Gran Centurio, which has been held by the ruling family of Fantasinia for generations. She is currently operating in order to regain control of her kingdom.
  • Milanor the Silver Wolf: A bandit operating out of Norn Valley. He decided to help Yggdra after Imperial troops burned own his base of operations.
  • Durant: The leader of the Royal Army's 3rd Cavalry. After Yggdra and Milanor saved him, he was more than willing to help fight the Empire.
  • Nietzsche: An Undine with an utterly ridiculous name. She joined the Royal Army to search for the Transmigragem, an artifact the Undines need to ensure their continued survival.
  • Roswell: The lord of the Black Rose Domain, a territory in Verlaine Hills. He very nearly died due to being gullible enough to believe that Leon wanted to help him, but was ultimately saved by the Royal Army. He then joined them to recover his Ankh.

  • Aegina: A valkyrie who commands a significant portion of Bronquia's forces. She is skilled in combat and will fight valiantly when called upon to do so.
  • Inzaghi: A mercenary working for the Empire. True story: I thought he was a girl when I first saw him.
  • Eudy: Bronquia's sadistic court magician. She prefers to fight opponents who aren't much of a threat.
  • Zilva: The leader of Bronquia's elite assassin squad. She carries out her orders without question because she doesn't think there's any need for emotions in war.
  • Elena: An assassin working under Zilva. She has doubts about the morality of her actions.
  • Mizer: A bounty hunter who's pursuing Yggdra. He spends any money he makes on new shoes, which the Royal Army always steals from him. Perhaps he should spend his money on something else instead.
  • Russell, the Astral Fencer: One of the Empire's Five Dragon Generals, who was last seen helping Rosary invade the Black Rose Domain. He is a chivalrous sort, and his skill with a blade is worthy of legend.
  • Leon the Black Knight: One of the Five Dragon Generals, last seen rollong a natural 20 on his Bluff check to convince Roswell that he's actually a nice guy, honest! He then took over the Black Rose Domain, surprising absolutely nobody.
  • Emilia: The younger sister of Emperor Gulcasa, who is surprisingly cool with letting her use big spiky clubs to bash peoples' heads in. She doesn't like it when people treat her like a child.

Other people:
  • This section's empty again!

Honoured (or not) Dead:
  • Ishiene: An Undine who attacked human towns in order to get human blood. Her goal in doing this was to create an immortality potion, and in doing so save her people.
    • Remembered for: Never thinking to just ask for some blood.
  • Emelone: The Queen of Embellia. She refused to lay down her weapons more out of a sense of duty than anything.
    • Remembered for: Overlooking the atrocities Ishiene committed in her "innocent quest to save her people".
  • Rosary: The former ruler of the White Rose. She died because the Royal Army decided the best way to keep a major conflict from breaking out was to kill one of the powers behind it.
    • Remembered for: Being a spoiled brat. (If I had killed Roswell, he'd have been remembered for his terminal stupidity.)
  • Ortega: The leader of a band of bandits from the Lenessey Mountains, who aren't exactly the honourable types Milanor's band are. The Royal Army killed him at his base.
    • Remembered for: Not a whole lot, honestly.