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Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
Shield Of Doom

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Battlefield 11A: Black Rose Domain, or: Evil McEvilton was evil? I am shocked!
I can't think of anything amusing to put in this bit now, so let's just get to the fight.

The Royal Army quickly destroyed the house of the White Rose, avoiding a disastrous battle between the two fearsome magic powers.

However, they soon found themselves dealing with another situation: an Imperial coup d'etat within the Black Rose Domain.

Roswell, the head of the house of the Black Rose, fled his manor and narrowly escaped from the Empire, which continued to pursue him.

To save him from this predicament, the Royal Army hurried to the Black Rose Domain.

Battlefield 11A: Black Rose Domain

Obviously, if you killed Roswell you'd be heading to the White Rose Domain (battlefield 11B) instead.

Black Rose Suburbs: Check Point!

Deception! -Betrayal of trust.-

S. Grasslands: Check Point!

Victory condition:

Defeat condition:

As previously suggested, Milanor eats the Berserk. He finds evil murder axes of evil delicious, you see. Yggdra and Durant then consume the remaining Imperial Warfare books, which are a bit of an acquired taste, but whatever.

At any rate, there's not much I can do with items this time, so I just proceed to character selection. This time I can only bring one of my spear users, so Nietzsche gets to take a break.

My ten cards of choice are:

Now, before I can even move, a griffon rider named Emilia gets a turn, which is used to move next to Leon.

Escape! -Fleeing the battlefield!-

Emilia is the Emperor of Carnage's kid sister, who also happens to be a Dragon General.

I don't know about you, but my first instinct when a 14-year-old girl I have custody over asks if she can fight in the war would most definitely not be to give her a giant spiky club and a division of soldiers.

Anyway, after a Roswell turn of nothing happening, I get to act. Most of the enemies are knights, which isn't exactly good for Yggdra's usefulness here. Leon himself is a fair bit better than his men, but he's equipped with a spear that drains his morale. Emilia, meanwhile, isn't worth worrying about, because she's going to use her next turn to escape.

So, I use Banshee's Cry to get Milanor and Durant up to Roswell's assailants. They both win against their opponents, but Roswell (who was drawn into the union) doesn't.

On Leon's turn, he has a knight attack Roswell, who loses (though Milanor immediately hits his assailant hard).

My next turn involves using Necro Gate to send Yggdra and Durant closer to the battle, which involves moving Yggdra onto a town.

Town of Broy: Check Point!

I then move Milanor next to Roswell.

Rescued! -Saved the day!-

Strategy Succeeded! -Successfully rescued Roswell!-

Victory condition:

Black Rose Manor: Check Point!

All right, here we go. Let's start by checking Roswell's stats.

Yes, Roswell's equipped with an item that gives him an ability he already has and isn't impacting his stats in any way. Good going, Sting. Anyway, his natural stat caps are:

In other words, he's just begging for a few stat-boosting items. That's exactly what I intend to give him, too.

So, on my turn I use Shield Barrier on the odd hunter out, with intent to kill him before he can go on a rampage through my forces. This also lands Yggdra on a village.

Magician Village: Check Point!

I then move Milanor to support Yggdra (and Roswell), and they (plus Durant who was in the union already) take the hunter down while damaging a witch up at the manor. I then move Durant to support Roswell. This proves unnecessary, though, as the knight goes after Milanor instead.

Shield Barrier proves quite handy here, allowing Roswell to win a fight he otherwise would've had significant trouble with.

After Leon's turn ends, another force enters the battlefield.

Reinforcements! -Help has arrived!-

Zilva sends a valkyrie forth as a sacrifice to the Royal Army. Yggdra and Milanor accept her tribute.

Anyway, both Elena and Zilva have items I want (the Lightning Bow and Murderous Mask), so I send Milanor in to steal them. It being noon helps a lot.

This also depletes all of Elena's morale, as you might expect.

Withdraw! -Forced to retreat.-

After that, some more movement. Yggdra moves to block a valkyrie from reaching Milanor, Durant moves up past the knight threatening Roswell (and next to Leon, though more importantly on a road), and Roswell moves to support him.

On Leon's turn, his knight criticals Durant. However, my ingenious union setup ensures that this only makes Roswell angrier!

Also, Zilva moves to fight Milanor.

Both Zilva and her valkyrie win, but this is merely a minor setback. She goes down to her own card, as does the valkyrie.

Pull back! -Time to regroup!-

The rest of the turn consists of me setting things up. Durant then kills Leon's last knight. For my next illusion, I use Blizzard with Durant and Milanor, allowing them to fight Leon and a generic witch quite effectively (actually, Durant doesn't need it—he's got road advantage on his side).

On Leon's turn, he takes advantage of a tactical blunder on my part to fight Yggdra with all his remaining troops. Amazingly, the last fight is the one she wins.

Anyway, on my turn, Roswell decides to show Leon what he can do magic-wise. I use Flame against him with everyone not named Yggdra. It works well enough, though he managed to Chariot Durant. Then he took Roswell (but not Durant) down on his turn.

At this point, I decide to use Revolution to bring Milanor in for the finisher (3 turns after the Quick Clear bonus expired). He brings Durant and Roswell, but they really aren't needed here.

Pull Back! -Time to regroup!-

Before moving Roswell onto the manor to finish the battle, I send Yggdra to the last village on the map just to hear what they have to say.

Celim Magic School: Check Point!

Roswell then returns to his manor, claiming Leon's Brascendo as he does so.

Black Rose Manor: Check Point!

Liberated! -Freed from enemy control!-

Mission Completed! -Reclaimed Black Rose Manor!

Good enough. Milanor gets another Luk MVP he doesn't need.

Acquisition! -Help has arrived!-

New Card:

New items:

Well, that concludes Chapter 2: Yes, They Really Recycled the Same Scenario for Two Consecutive Arcs.

I don't have much else to say beyond that, so I'll finish by saying that this game's take on magic is incredibly underwhelming. I mean, what's the point of making a mage class if they're going to spend all their time just hitting enemies with their walking sticks?

Other than that, I've got nothing.
19th Sep '11 5:08:14 AM flag for mods
'Never using an Ankh for war again', huh? Sounds nice, but it's hard to imagine what else giant morale-sappers could be used for. World's largest nightlight, perhaps?

Also, I fear that you have to make a choice in the upcoming battles. Namely, whether you prefer collecting items or having a balanced army. It's quite easy for Milanor to become the MVP in every battle, due to starting out strong in the first place and usually giving a major Morale blow to bosses while Stealing from them. Perhaps if the characters I liked the most were the same as the ones I had to use the most to obtain everything I wanted, I would've beaten the game by now...

Anyways, best of luck, I'm rooting for you, and other generic encouragements.
EndarkCuli 19th Sep 11
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