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Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
Shield Of Doom

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Battlefield 6:Phelinas Lakeside, or: (almost) Exactly as Planned
Side effects of Yggdra Union may include: dizziness, eye damage, confusion, and wanting to punch whoever decided what should be in the tutorials. Ask your doctor if Yggdra Union is right for you.

The Royal Army battled Ishiene's Undine soldiers to save a human settlement, but the mystery remained: what had happened in Embellia to destroy relations with the Kingdom so thoroughly?

To find the truth and restore the alliance, the Royal Army headed for the Water Capital, Elise.

On the way there, the Royal Army discovered a Phelinas Lakeside settlement in danger, as the citizens were under assault from both Undines and looting bandits...

Battlefield 06: Phelinas Lakeside

Phelinas West Shore: Check Point!

Lake Town Velas: Check Point!

Victory condition:

Defeat condition:

Time for an actually threatening map. I've got to deal with both a group of Undines and Ortega the Fire Emblem reject. I have Yggdra eat Imperial Warfare 3 for the morale (because if you'll remember she's still at 563) along with another Medallion (Durant gets the rest of them). I then equip Durant with the Fur Coat, which will improve his chances against the Undines by neutralizing their Rage attacks.

I'm given 8 cards to use this time, so I bring Steal, Shield Barrier, Revolution, Mind Change, Sanctuary, Banshee's Cry, Flame, and Blizzard.

All right, time to fight. My enemies are:

For the most part, they're not a threat. Ortega, however, has the Kill Blade, which has the powerful 1o1=win effect in addition to a stupidly awesome name. I trust you can figure out what that effect means on your own.

Fortunately, his Gen and Tec aren't nearly enough to take advantage of the thing, so as long as I don't use Durant against him I should be fine.

Now, strategy. As usual, I open with Steal. I then send Yggdra and Milanor up to fight Ortega's forces (specifically the assassins). Yggdra knocks one of them down to very low morale, and Milanor slays the other with a critical hit.

I then proceed to move Durant south from his starting position as far as possible, which also opens up another area of the map with a town in it. There's someone I want him to meet in that town, so I send him toward it as far as I can with my remaining movement.

Ortega then moves one of his men (who was right next to Yggdra) north into a village.

Reich Village: Check Point!

Assault! -Under Siege!-

Another bandit then attacks Yggdra, setting up a union that has the assassin attack second, followed by an Undine against Yggdra. Predictably, she loses that one, but every other fight is a victory. The Undines, for their part, refuse to do anything.

On my turn, I choose Shield Barrier, then use it to move Durant north one into the town.

Deserted Town: Check Point!

All right, let me set the record straight.

This is the most incredibly stupid thing anyone ever does in this game. Nietzsche's sister belongs to a single-gender race, even! How the heck was she even capable of falling in love with a human?

For that matter, why would she not think about what this would mean? The Transmigragem, it should be noted, is the magical artifact that the Undines use to reproduce. Why would anyone be allowed to take it?

Whatever. Back to the game.

Well, now we've got our own Undine. Here's her stats:

Her stats max out like so:

In short, Nietzsche is quite good, and even if she wasn't, you still need her to get quite a few items. So she'll be a constant presence on the battlefield from now on.

Anyway, I move her to an island two spaces north of the town she was in.

Herb Garden: Check Point!

Also, for moving her next to an Undine...

I then move her up a bit, so she's in union with Yggdra. Water Advantage lets her fight almost anything effectively.

Yggdra attacks the bandit in front of her, who dies, allowing Milanor and Nietzsche to both fight the Undine that was in his union. She goes down to 528 morale.

Ortega responds by sending the bandit that attacked the village to fight my union, who tear him (and the Undine) apart easily. Yggdra levels off of this, but the Medallion the Undine dropped is lost to the movement of her allies.

On my turn, I choose Revolution and move Milanor up to Ortega.

I then move Yggdra northeast of Milanor, then have Nietzsche take a position in the water east of Ortega.

And so I attack with Milanor. In his current position, Ortega has no backup, and won't get any unless the Undines humour him on their turn. While he defeats Milanor, Yggdra and Nietzsche both wipe the floor with him.

I then start moving Durant back to the fight with the rest of my movement. Ortega responds to this by fighting Nietzsche (and winning, courtesy of the Kill Blade).

The Undines respond to this by doing nothing.

On my turn, I use Mind Change to attack Ortega, who loses...to Yggdra. Dammit!

Pull back! -Time to regroup!-

After moving Durant up some more, I have Yggdra retake the town.

Lake Town Velas: Check Point!

Liberated! -Freed from enemy control!-

Strategy Succeeded! -Lake Town Velas liberated!-

Lake Town Velas: Check Point!

(An assassin shows up nearby.)

Bushes: Check Point!

Reinforcements! -Help has arrived!-

(Some more troops show up.)

Victory condition:

All right, for the crime of having an improbably stupid name, I hereby sentence Zilva of the Imperial Special Forces to be stabbed repeatedly by my forces. She's brought a pair of fencers with her, too.

Anyway, they get the first strike. Elena is no threat, and won't even attack us on her own. She does, however, dash up to Milanor.

The Imperial forces then move in a very strange manner, ending with a fencer attacking Milanor (and dragging Elena into the fight). He wins, but she does not, being up against Nietzsche and all.

Anyway, my cards have reset. I take advantage of this to use Steal to replace Milanor with Durant. His charge against the fencer goes much better, ending with the guy's death. Nietzsche then brings Elena down.

Withdraw! -Forced to retreat.-

The Undines attack Durant, which would've gone better if this didn't involve one of them leaving the water (and if he didn't have the Fur Coat). One of them beat Nietzsche, but her Coral Spear will fix that right up next turn.

Also, the one who died was their commander, so I don't have to worry about the survivor stealing the Medallion.

The Empire follows this up by attacking us, leading off with a fencer. Durant wins against him, but Zilva edges Nietzsche out damagewise and Milanor loses to the fencer.

Zilva then moves up to Milnor and Durant.

On my turn, I bring out Revolution, then attack Zilva directly (keeping Yggdra out of it because I want her item). My plan works, and Zilva goes down despite her Night Advantage (which didn't do much for her).

Justice Prevailed! -Zilva's Special Forces annihilated!

Pull Back! -Time to regroup!-

Excellent. Yggdra wins MVP, which goes to her Atk. I took 15 turns here out of 18 for the quick clear bonus, too.

The items left on the map are the Steel Persona (mistranslated as "Stell" Persona in the GBA version), the Gale Bow, and one delicious Medallion.

Also, I got the card Zilva's troops used, Bloody Claw. Right now all you need to know is that it has 9 move and 1700 power, but I can assure you that the skill's a good one.

New Items:

Music this update:

The next update will be about skills, because they'll actually be usable from map 7 on. Also, no prizes for guessing whether or not we'll meet the guy who stole the Transmigragem.
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