Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!

Shield Of Doom

Battlefield 5: Lorca Lakeside, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Axe

Yggdra Union is filmed before a live studio audience.

Chapter 2: Lost Days

For no reason whatsoever, the chapter title cards always colour one word or letter differently from the rest. This is how I intend to show that from now on.

The Imperial Army's patrols in the Orlando region were crippled by the lRoyal Army's attacks on their supply depots.

The Royal Army had no more worries of pursuers, but Yggdra knew that retrieving the Kingdom from the Empire would be hopeless via the southern front.

In order to increase their chances, the Royal Army headed to the principality of Embellia, home of the Undines, who had been the Kingdom's allies for many ages. However, as they reached Lorca Lakeside, on the border of Embellia, their hopes seemed lost...

Battlefield 15: Lorca Lakeside

One note before we begin: Undines are basically just mermaids. I have no clue where this particular bit of terminology comes from, and I honestly don't care all that much.

Lorca Meadows: Check Point!

  • Durant: Look, Princess... Lake Lorca. We've finally reached Embellia. You must be tired. Shall we make camp here?
  • Yggdra: No, I'm quite all right. Let us hurry to Elise, the Water Capital. I'd say something about how warped Yggdra's sense of geography is for thinking they're close to the capital already, but given the scale of the world map, the continent this game takes place on as a whole appears to be about the size of Ontario.
  • Molanor: Hm!?

Town of Reiny: Check Point!

Assault! -Under siege!-

  • ??? (Undine): Prepare yourselves!
  • Girl: Aieeee! They skipped right to the "small child being brutally murdered" bit. This must be serious.
  • Lady: S-Someone! Help us!

  • Milanor: What's going on!? The people are under attack!
  • Yggdra: What!? The Undines, attacking people...!?
  • Durant: You can't be serious!
  • Yggdra: We must investigate this immediately.

Victory condition:
  • Defeat Ishiene!

Defeat condition:
  • If Yggdra or Milanor dies...
  • If you use up all your cards...

This map introduces water terrain, which once this arc is done will become our best friend in the whole world. Units that lack Swim, Fly, or Dragon movement cannot cross water, and you need Swim movement to stop on it. Undines are the only class that naturally has Swim movement, and they have Water Advantage.

They also have spears, which Yggdra isn't too fond of.

All the enemies on this map are Undines.

Naturally, if you don't know what you're doing this might be a little difficult.

Also, Durant's Paladin Lance has been MIA since we left Orlando, because it only had 2 maps of durability in it.

I prepare by stuffing a couple of Medallions down Milanor's throat, then giving Durant the Goat Milk. His Tec is currently at 2.1, which isn't ideal but still puts him on the fast track to maxing it.

I'm allowed seven cards for this map, so I take Steal, Shield Barrier, Flame, Banish, Mind Change, Revolution, and Banshee's Cry.

  • Durant: You there! Undine! Why do you attack the innocent! Stop this foolishness!

Lake Lorca: Check Point!

  • Undine: Silence! Selfish humans... Do not interfere, or you will be next!
  • Yggdra: Wh-Why...? I won't say it now, but I will say that it's a really stupid reason.
  • Milanor: They seem pretty dead set. I don't think we have a choice.
  • Undine: I am Ishiene, and I carry out the Queen's orders flawlessly!

With that, we're sent into battle. This map is set at night, but it doesn't matter because there's no units that gain any benefits from the time.

There are no items to get here, save for some Medallions off the generic Undines and Ishiene's Ice Javelin.

Anyway, the gimmick here is that you're supposed to lure the Undines out of the water, removing their damage boost and thereby allowing Milanor and Durant to take them down easily (Yggdra's right out no matter what, though). Sounds good, right?

We can do better.

Using Banshee's Cry (because I really need to get it some power), I send Milanor alone to fight the Undines. No Battle Penalty will prevent the Undines from gaining any advantage against him, allowing him to take down Ishiene and her three guards by himself.

Also, I move Durant so he'll drink the Goat Milk.

As expected, the Undines can't take Milanor on, and he wins three fights (though Ishiene comes pretty close to winning). I then move Durant to protect Yggdra from an attack that's not going to happen, simply because it makes me feel better about myself.

On her turn, Ishiene moves out of the water, next to Milanor. I simply must praise my brilliant foe.

  • Ishiene: This is our affair! Stay out of it!
  • Milanor: If you're so eager to fight, I can show you how it's done!

Turns out I managed to put Durant in union with Milanor. Fortunately, Ishiene attacks with two generics, and Durant wins his fight easily.

On my turn, I get Durant out of the union, then attack Ishiene with Milanor (using Banish). One of her minions actually manages to win, but can't do much damage.

  • Milanor: Still wanna fight?
  • Ishiene: Tch! I'll erase that smirk, human...!

The same troops that attacked last time strike again, and one of them dies. Milanor then uses Flame to strike Ishiene and her troops again.

Ishiene responds by moving her troops to take the Medallion the dead Undine dropped, which also allows them to form a union with her. Once again, Milanor only loses one fight, entirely due to bad luck.

Now, I choose Revolution on account of it having the highest power of my cards. I need this because it's now turn seven, and that's the maximum for the quick clear bonus. It pays off, and Milanor strikes down all the remaining enemies (even ending the last Undine with a superfluous critical hit). He receives a level for doing so.

Justice Prevailed! -Annihilated the town's attackers!-

  • Durant: We made it! The townspeople all seem to be safe.

Pull Back! -Time to regroup!-

  • Ishiene: Tch...! Accursed humans... You'll pay for your interference! (The Undines leave the map.)
  • Milanor: Sheesh, the Undines are a lot more violent than they look...

My only regret is that I couldn't get all the Medallions...and that the MVP bonus I worked so hard to get goes to Milanor's Luk.

I get 2 Medallions and the Ice Javelin, entirely thanks to Milanor's awesomeness (with some accidental help from Durant). I also get the Undines' card, Blizzard, which presently has 1400 power and 7 movement.

Town of Reiny: Check Point!

  • Lady: You saved us! We can't thank you enough.
  • Yggdra: But... why are the Undines attacking humans? We've always lived in harmony with them before...
  • Lady: Honestly, we'd like to know the same thing. One day, they just... started attacking our towns.
  • Yggdra: How strange...
  • Milanor: Well, if they're attacking us, that makes them the enemy.
  • Durant: It may be difficult to garner the Sovereignty's support... Let us go to the Water Capital and find out the truth.
  • Yggdra: You're right... We should hurry.

New Items:
  • Ice Javelin: An icicle spear made by fairies.
    • Stats: Atk+4, Tec+4
    • Ability: Ice Attack Up
    • Duration: 5 maps
    • Used by: Spear
    • Notes: That ability will be most useful on our second spear user, whose class you can no doubt guess by this point.
  • Glass Bottle: A clear glass container. It's quite fragile.
    • Stats: Gen Down
    • Ability: Foe Critical 50%
    • Duration: 1 map
    • Used by: Not Rosary
    • Notes: Just make a mental note of this thing's presence in my inventory for now. It'll come in handy much later.

Music this update:
  • Royal Army (Blitzkrieg) - Another fine player phase theme for the pile.
  • Other Hostile Forces - By this point, I've mostly run out of things to say about the map themes...which doesn't exactly bode well given that there are still quite a few left.
  • Other Soldiers Sortie - Another personal favourite of mine.
  • Other Commanders Sortie - Much better than the Imperial version. Though it's kind of annoying that there's only one boss theme for non-Empire leaders...

When I first played this game, this map was where I realized I was probably in over my head.

I don't know how that happened.

Edit: Forgot to write out the stats of the Glass Bottle. My bad.