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Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
Shield Of Doom

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Battlefield 7: Water Capital Elise, or: The Undine Arc Ends
So, to recap this plotline:

With that out of the way, on with the show!

Amid the chaos at Phelinas Lakeside, apart from the Undines' spite toward the Royal Army and the bandits taking advantage of the confusion, an Imperial Army presence could be seen as well.

Would Embellia be an enemy or an ally? To ascertain Queen Emelone's true intentions, the Royal Army headed to the Aqua Palace to seek an audience.

However, Ishiene's unit was blocking the only bridge to Florand Island, the location of the Aqua Palace, located in the Water Capital of Elise.

As Ishiene and her Undine forces drew their weapons, the Royal Army realized they had no choice but to fight.

Battlefield 07: Elise, the Water Capital

Shore of Florand: Check Point!

Bridge: Check Point!

Victory condition:

Defeat condition:

All right, time for the last map of the Undine arc. Milanor eats a Medallion first, though, because he took a bit of a beating in that last fight.

Also, this is the last fight where Yggdra will have her Silk Corset and Milanor will have his Silver Moon.

For my card selection, I take Steal, Bloody Claw, Shield Barrier, Revolution, Mind Change, Sanctuary, Banshee's Cry, Ace Guard, and Refreshment.

All right, time to start this. The Undines actually became much less threatening with this map, because they'll use Diamond Dust. This freezes all the water on the map, removing the advantage the Undines had against us. It's not going to do much damage, either.

In the GBA version, it's actually very easy to reach a situation where Diamond Dust is literally worthless, because only Milanor has any chance of being damaged by it.

Anyway, my opposition consists of four Undines, plus Ishiene as usual. Emelone is watching from the safety of her palace (surrounded by impassable spaces).

Ishiene is packing a Brave Ring this time, and if I don't steal it her morale will recover some when it drops below a certain level. So let's steal that one.

Using Steal's twelve spaces of movement, I send Milanor right up to Ishiene.


I also send Nietzsche into the union, then move Durant up a bit with the remaining movement.

For whatever reason, stealing involves Milanor throwing his axe-thing at the enemy, after which it returns like any good fictional boomerang, bearing the stolen item. It also takes a year and a half to charge up (I got the Brave Ring, though).

Also, Diamond Dust was used twice during that battle, and as expected it did the Undines more harm than good. They get 50% Geo Defense from water, which is replaced now by negative 10%.

On the enemy turn, two Undines commit suicide on my union. The remaining non-Ishiene one then steals a Medallion.

For my action, I have Durant move into the union using Banshee's Cry, then I kill the last free Undine (I also move Yggdra around a bit so she can feel like she's contributing).

On Ishiene's turn, she attacks us. It doesn't go well, aside from a critical hit against Durant. I respond by using Bloody Claw to strike her.

Milanor and Durant do a fine job of ending Ishiene's last stand, with Milanor inflicting a critical hit. A shame I'll have to keep him out of the action for the rest of the map, but I guess that's life.

Slain! -A warrior has fallen.-

I then proceed to move Durant north a space, then I send Nietzsche to take the fort Ishiene was on (which was also weakening her...).

Bridge: Check Point!

Occupy! -Siezed control!-

Strategy Succeeded! -Successfully lowered the bridge!

Aqua Palace: Check Point!

Victory condition:

Yes, dreadful business what happened to Ishiene, but it's hard to feel sympathy for her given that her stated goal was to kill people. Note to writers: If you're writing a character who's supposed to have a sympathetic goal, and reaching said goal involves committing war crimes, you're doing it wrong.

For that matter, why did they have to resort to murder first? Why not just ask for blood? It's not like losing a bit kills you, after all. Hell, there's an actual medical process that involves intentionally bleeding (albeit a largely ineffective one).

Whatever. I've got a battle to win. Emelone is glued to her palace, and she's got a force of five other Undines. Looks like I've got my work cut put for me.

I open with Revolution, which is used to send Nietzsche across the bridge and up to the first Undine.

Unfortunately, Durant can't get close enough to help her fight this turn. Fortunately, Nietzsche proves that she doesn't need help by winning two fights and levelling up. Void Ice is awesome here. She repeats the performance on the enemy turn, killing her foes.

On my next turn, the ice finally melts. Of course, the Undines will just freeze it again, but I guess there's nothing to be done about that.

I use Bloody Claw to move Nietzsche south into a mess of Undines, also allowing her to get a Medallion. Durant also moves to support her, and Yggdra moves north a bit for no reason. I then kill of an Undine directly south of Nietzsche, but not before she freezes the lake again.

The Undines proceed to attack again with all their remaining forces. I win all three fights, and Durant levels up from the experience.

After the Undines end their turn, though, two more foes arrive on the mainland...

So, Mizer. He'll show up on a few maps, along with his bandit sidekick. He's always got something to steal, in this case the Winged Sandals.

The problem with Mizer is his card, Thunderbolt. It does Tec+1, which means it also has a status effect. In this case, he'll shock your troops, preventing them from moving.

He moves right up to Yggdra.

Mizer's troops proceed to make an improbable series of critical hits that bring Yggdra's morale down quite a bit.

On my turn, I move Yggdra so that she can form a union with Milanor, by way of Steal. I then move Milanor next to Mizer.

Unfortunately for Mizer, Milanor cuts off over half his morale with his charge (in addition to taking his shoes). Yggdra, meanwhile, chops down his backup.

I then move Yggdra to where the bandit was (he had a Medallion) before having her hide behind Milanor. Nietzsche, meanwhile, moves east a space.

Treasury: Check Point!

She then moves east two, to where one of the dead Undines was. This nets me a Medallion. I then move Nietzsche back to where she was at the start of the turn, and end the thing.

The Undines do nothing, but Mizer shocks Milanor. I respond by having him and Yggdra strike with Banshee's Cry. He shocks Yggdra too, but it doesn't help because she proceeds to deplete the last of his morale.

Pull back! -Time to regroup!-

Mizer would've retreated if I simply dropped his morale below a certain point, but there's a valid reason to win this fight by depleting all of his morale.

Anyway, Nietzsche then checks out a bit of land due south of Emelone's position.

Garden of Cure: Check Point!

...Garden of Cure?

She then moves a south of the last non-Emelone foe on the map, who is slain on her turn.

On my turn, I begin actually attacking Emelone. My initial card of choice: Mind Change.

The ice thaws again, and Milanor is healed. I move Nietzsche next to Emelone, still in the water.

I then move Durant to support Nietzsche, while moving Milanor toward the fight. The first round of combat goes to my forces, thanks to their immunity to ice damage.

While Emelone is able to defeat Nietzsche in the first battle of her turn, she loses the second against Durant. My new weapon of choice is Ace Guard.

Ace Guard work quite well, allowing my forces to defeat Emelone on both my turn and hers. Unfortunately, Durant finishes her off, preventing me from getting her item (Gungnir, a weapon for Nietzsche that doubles the duration of O-type skills).

I also forgot one hidden item on the map. Dammit!

Justice Prevailed! -Water Queen Emelone annihilated!

Aqua Palace: Check Point!

Slain! -A warrior has fallen.-

Aside from some stupidity on my part near the end, I did great. Nietzsche wins MVP. gaining 2 Tec. There were also a total of three Medallions on the field.

In addition to that, I got Thunderbolt. I wouldn't have obtained it if I hadn't defeated Mizer here.

New Card:

New items:

Now that our heroes have learned a valuable lesson about the morals of war, what do you think they'll do with it?
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Not much — if you ask me.......
MadWritter 24th Aug 11
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