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Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
Shield Of Doom

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Battlefield 3: West Orlando, or: The Game gets Serious
See what I mean? I just wasn't in the right mood to play this game for some time.

No matter. On with the update!

Milanor's old friend Kylier destroyed a key structure at the Jaws of the Wolf, which blocked the Imperial Army's pursuit. Thanks to her, Yggdra and the others were able to escape the Black Knight Leon and safely reach Orlando Plains.

Once there, they found the Royal Cavalry under attack by the Imperial Court Sorcerer Eudy, with only Durant's unit remaining...

Battlefield 03: West Orlando

(Durant's unit is north of Yggdra and Milanor's position, surrounded on all sides by Imperial soldiers.)

Norn Borderline: Check Point!

Handu River: Check Point!

Just in case you've never played an SRPG before and don't know what green units mean. Of course, if you've never played an SRPG before, I don't know what you're doing playing Yggdra Union.

W. Orlando Plains: Check Point!

Victory condition:

Defeat condition:

There's still nothing to do on the preparation screen, but I do have a couple of things to mention:

Anyway, I do exactly the same thing I did last time, choosing all my cards and starting the map.

Naturally, the first thing that happens, before I'm given a chance to do anything, is that the Imperial forces get a surprise round. They use it to attack Durant with a nearby knight, who just barely defeats Durant before chopping off an ultimately insignificant amount of morale. You're technically on a timer to meet up with Durant before he goes down, but he can take care of himself.

Furthermore, the designers were evidently too frustrated by the Riovannes Rooftop battle to subject the player to annoying escort missions, because NPC forces never do anything.

At any rate, Milanor currently has a knight and a fencer next to him, with another knight preventing me from attacking either of them. Eudy's forces are a non-issue for the moment, content simply to watch the carnage.

I use Steal to send Milanor up to the knight in my way, then attack. The knight takes quite a bit of damage, but he had enough morale to survive. I move Yggdra up too because I need to put her next to Durant to win this part of the fight.

On the enemy's next turn, they attack Durant again with the same knight, who loses but doesn't die.

On my turn, I have Milanor attack the knight with Banshee's Cry. He does a critical hit, winning the fight 8-0 and killing the poor sod. I also move Yggdra up to a fencer directly west of the knight who Durant's been murdering. Sadly, he wins against her.

On my next turn, I have Milanor introduce the knight Durant's been fighting to the benefits of a good old-fashioned Revolution. There are no survivors, but the fencer moves into the guy's place, and the other fencer hits Milanor for a decent bit of damage.

My next turn sees Yggdra getting some revenge on the fencer who crushed her earlier by way of Mind Change. With him dead, I move Milanor back to force the last fencer to commit suicide on Durant's lance. Durant accepts his resignation from life.

The force that was attacking Durant is now officially wiped out. There's one more knight, but he's only there because every force needs a commander. He can't actually be killed, either, thanks to his Morale Protect status; it leaves him with one morale no matter what.

I don't think I need to document what card I used to move Yggdra and Milanor next to Durant and finish this part of the fight up.

Rendezvous! -Joined allies!-

Strategy succeeded! -Successfully rendezvoused with Durant!-

Acquisition! -Help has arrived!-

(Card get: Ace Guard)

"The enemy force is to the west. However, they are not east of us. Therefore, we should go east. Getting rid of the pursuers might be a good idea, too."

Durant's supposed to be the Royal Army's strategist. I'm just not feeling it, though.

Victory condition:

Defeat condition:

Near the Spring: Check Point!

Midstream: Check Point!

Freakin' finally. This is the first place where I can use Unions, where multiple characters attack during the same turn. Basically, each unit has formation line thingies that extend two spaces away from them in a cross pattern (diagonal for guys, and a straight cross for girls), and any allied units within the formation are dragged into battle with you. If one side outnumbers the other, the side with fewer units will have to endure repeat battles where their units take penalties.

I'll explain it better in a mechanics update. For now, though, let's look at Durant's stats:

And here's his maximum stats:

Durant's abilities are the standard for knights, and they are as follows:

In addition to the Holy Up effect, Durant's Paladin Lance is boosting his Gen and Atk by a full point each.

Anyway, on with the battle. My units are all bunched up in a corner, with Durant leading against a knight who's in union with another knight on a bridge.

Yggdra is in union with Durant, set to fight said knight.

Naturally, I want to move her out of the way. I use Steal, moving her a space west, right next to a tree.

Kokori Woods: Check Point!

I then move Milanor a square up, to Yggdra's former position. Both he and Durant crush their opponents, but the bridge knight lives through the ordeal. I then move Yggdra around to the left side of the tree, where...

Bushes: Check Point!

So now I've got myself a Trap. Admiral Akbar would...actually be totally indifferent to that. I move Milanor east, in union with Yggdra, to help protect her from the fencer right next to her.

Eudy, brilliant tactician that she is, moves her units randomly, then moves the bridge knight off the bridge, allowing Milanor to slay him with ease.

Slain! -A warrior has fallen.-

Also, bridge knight was the enemy commander for all non-magic forces on the map, so they all die with him. Way to go, Eudy.

I proceed to select Revolution, which is used to move Durant to where the bridge knight died. He takes the man's Medallion, then takes up a position upon the bridge. I move Milanor into his union, then have Yggdra proceed south with the one remaining point of movement.

I also battle save, just in case.

As expected, the witch who attacks cannot get through Durant's bridge advantage with her whopping 1 Atk. She brought a friend, but Milanor chopped her up almost effortlessly.

For my next turn, I choose Banshee's Cry, which has the important quality of having enough movement to get Durant to the next witch while also allowing Yggdra to visit a nearby house. This cannot be done at night, and it's evening this turn.

Nomad Village: Check Point!

As a side note, this game contains both "town" and "village" terrain. I refuse to believe that this wasn't done specifically to screw one particular character over.

The next witch, alone due to Eudy's incompetence, falls easily to Durant's lance, but hangs on with a bit of morale.

The enemy turn goes poorly for Durant, but he has enough Gen that it doesn't really matter. Eudy also takes the bridge I was planning to use, but I use Sanctuary to kill her last backup witch. This forces her to move forward, where she notices Yggdra...

Eudy proceeds to killdoze her way through Yggdra and Milanor, but Yggdra levels up off of it.

On my next turn, I bring out Sanctuary. With it, and using Milanor and Durant as meatshields, Yggdra is able to eke out a win.

After that, I move Yggdra back one space. Eudy once again dominates, but I subsequently use Banish to move Durant on to the bridge. Turns out I didn't need to, though, because a lucky counter from Yggdra gives her enough of an advantage to win when Eudy strikes her.

I then use Mirage to move Milanor next to Eudy to flank her.

Eudy does not get through the subsequent battle. She takes Yggdra down a notch, but Milanor puts her in her place.

Pull Back! -Time to regroup!-

Justice Prevailed! -Defeated the Imperial Army!-

(Some valkyries appear north of the Royal Army's position.)

Grasslands: Check Point!

Reinforcements! -Help has arrived!-

Victory condition:

Defeat condition:

Fortunately, Aegina's unit is significantly less dangerous than Eudy's on account of being armed with swords. One of them immediately kills herself with Durant's spear, demonstrating kindergarten-level tactical knowledge.

As usual, I lead with Steal, which is used to move Durant forward to another valkyrie. I also take Eudy's Ruby Staff, which she dropped because Milanor killed her. That thing made her quite dangerous, I'll tell you that much...

Yggdra then moves into Durant's union. When she goes aggressive she does holy damage, which valkyries are immune to, but they also do holy damage in Rage mode, so I'm not worried.

Aegina herself has a Flamberg, which I'm not going to try to get. Only Milanor can make her drop it, and she's stronger than him.

Durant kills the valkyrie he was attacking without Yggdra having to do anything. This is basically his mission, honestly. There are two bridges to abuse, then you fight a bunch of sword users.

On Aegina's turn, she moves up to Durant.

As expected, Aegina can't take Durant in a fair fight. Her last mook nearly took Yggdra down, though.

Some Banshee's Cry-brand awesomeness ensues, taking Aegina down to a sliver of morale. Yggdra's down to 527 herself, though, so I move her out of the way.

It doesn't matter to Durant, who takes down the rest of Aegina's forces on his own and levels up.

Justice Prevailed! -The Valkyrie Aegina was annihilated!-

Pull Back! -Time to regroup!-

The quick clear bonus requires you to finish in 32 turns. I took 38. Still, Durant got MVP and an extra small star of Tec.

I also get Eudy's card, Flame. It has 1350 power and 7 movement, and its skill is moderately useful.

Music this update:

That fight could've gone better. I won't pretend to be an expert on this game, but I can say that the fight with Eudy here is one of the most utterly cruel things this game does. She's a rod user at a point when you have no rod users of your own. She's also armed with a weapon that makes her attacks in Rage mode stronger, effectively doubling her time in Max mode. Yggdra, who has Block Counter due to her Silk Corset, needed a significant battle penalty just to break even against her without plenty of luck.

By comparison, Aegina is barely a speed bump. Barring a critical hit, she is not going to defeat Durant. Yggdra and Milanor will have to be more careful, though. Side note: Don't count on elemental immunities if Yggdra's second in line to fight. She may well face a valkyrie in Max mode instead.
11th Aug '11 12:06:20 AM flag for mods
Royal Army (Defense) is my favorite Royal Army tune as well. BTW, you forgot a very important Sortie theme, Aegina Sortie.
Barrylocke 13th Aug 11
That's quite intentional, actually. Its name is kind of a spoiler, so I'm going to link it once the name is no longer a spoiler.

In other words, don't expect to see a link to it for 40 battlefields or so.
ShieldOfDoom 13th Aug 11
Also, I personally didn't see this fight as bad as some of the others in the game though. But then again, this is kind of an Early Bird Boss sort of deal where the difficulty is because you don't have all of the techniques that you have later on.
Barrylocke 18th Aug 11
The main problem I had was entirely luck-based. They expect you to put Durant on one of the bridges, from which he can tear Eudy's unit apart with little trouble.

The problem, of course, is that they programmed Eudy to move randomly, so there's a pretty good chance that she'll move to a position where you can't attack her from a bridge, as she did here. As a result, I had to face the full force of her Staff of Murdering Everyone Who Doesn't Have a Significant Battle Penalty on Their Side +5.
ShieldOfDoom 18th Aug 11
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