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Table of Contents
A Fine-tooth Plot Comb vs Fan Dumb! An in-depth Bleach liveblog
by Gilphon
Hidden details in chapters 1-182, and our first real chapter.2
Start of the new arc3
Grand Fisher2
Thinking about Offers2
Hollow troubles1
Yammy and Ulquiorra1
Orihime's not useful
Arrancar and Vizard2
Two chapters for the price of one.3
Boring set-up chapters3
More Arrancar2
Jealous Orihime
Poor, poor Chad.
Bankai from nowhere2
Di Roy1
I give Aizen to much credit, and our heros are ineffective
Grimmjow's punishment3
Aftermath of the battle3
Meet the Visored1
Hollow and Shinigami
Reason vs. Instinct
Hichigo's defeat
Old men can sure talk…
Our heros are getting back on their feet now…
Grimmjow's replacement1
The 11-second battle1
More Fighting
The Arrancar pull out.1
Orihime's goodbye
Tatsuki left behind1
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