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Bankai from nowhere

Chapter 205: Mala Suerte! 4: Monstruo Monstruoso

Yumichika is surprised, not that Ikkaku has a Bankai, but that he decided to use it. Edradís just surprised, though. This is what Ikkakuís bankai looks like, if youíre interested. They banter and fight, but things seem to be going worse for Edrad now, but heís not finished yet. He reflects that while itís power is scary, Ikkakuís Bankai has nothing else going for it, so he plans to overwhelm Ikkaku before his attack has a chance to connect. Heís confident, but then he notices that it seems to be getting stronger. Ikkaku explains that his Zanpakutou is very lazy, and only hitting the enemy in Bankai will wake it up. The dragon on the main blade is used as a gauge to show how aware it is at the moment, and itíll be fully awake, and therefore most powerful, when the dragon is complete. Like it is right now. they both attack with all their strength, and the chapter ends.

ĎMonstruo Monstruosoí = Monsterous monster. Um. Well, thatís not very meaningful, is it? Itís probably meant to be pointing out how monsterous the monsterís become in this chapter. Now about Ikkakuís zanpakutou: One would think, that given how energetic Ikkaku is, that itís strange for his zanpakutou to be lazy. It makes sense when you consider his fighting style, though, he doesnít want to just completely overwhelm his opponent, he wants to drag things out, have fun with it, not increase his own power is any way unless he finds himself unable to keep up. So his Zanpakutou never gives him any power he doesnít specifically force out; it just lazes around; and Ikkaku wouldnít have it any other way.



At this point I was still just watching the anime, so it is interesting to see these moments in the manga.

At this point I also had no idea the plot would end up where it is now.
Gilphon 12th Dec 10

It's the same way for me, actually. I find that while the anime is a lot more well, exciting, if you know what I mean, and it's certainly better paced, the manga has this weird, almost poetic quality to it at times, and is certainly good at engaging the reader using panel placement.
Gilphon 12th Dec 10