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Hollow troubles

Chapter 190: Conquistadores

Hiyori introduces herself, and forces Chad and Orihime to do the same. Then she’s mean to Shinji, envious of Orihime, and fairly indifferent to Chad. She starts to get a bit of a dangerous look in her eye, so Shinji grabs her and runs off. Chad says to let them go, saying that they can’t really win against the vizard, and would probably die. Shinji and Hiyori do silly things I refuse to describe in detail. She suddenly gets serious and… Well, the translation I have here says that she talks about how everyone seems to hate them, but every other source I can find disagrees, saying that she talks about how much she hates both human and shinigami. I’m more inclined to believe that version. Anyway, Ichigo arrives home, and completely fails to block Isshin’s habitual attack. Isshin and his daughters discuss how this is obviously a sign of Ichigo being out of it, but Ichigo just brushes them off. When he enters his room, Kon is about to tell him about Isshin, but stop because Urahara’s blackmailing him. Still, Ichigo’s ‘clearly ‘out of it, so much so that even Kon is concerned. Apparently though, Ichigo is too deep in thought about his hollow side to notice what’s going to around him. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get rid of the mask, until his fight with Byakuya, when it was replaced with a voice inside his head. A voice that keeps getting louder, and is threatening to swallow him. Troubling, no? But enough angsting, Karin enters Ichigo’s room. She wants to what wrong with him. He tries to play dumb, but Karin apparently knows that Ichigo’s a shinigami. Cut over to SS, where the 12th division has noticed something coming on the radar. And then, Boom! Something falls from the sky into the outskirts of town. Two figures, dressed in white, are visible in the middle of the resulting crater. They have hollow holes, and what appears to be the remnants of a hollow mask.

Now, I don’t speak Spanish and can’t be bothered to look it up, so I don’t actually know for certain what the title means, but I’m reasonably certain it refers to the two figures that showed up at the end. Now… let’s see… what can I talk about here? Hiyori’s little declaration is the sort of thing you’d I have something to say about, but I don’t really. I understand why she hates shinigami, they’re kind of outcasts and all, but I honestly just don’t know what she has against humans. And, of course, Kubo’s now playing up Ichigo’s hollow side even more, making Shinji’s offer all the more tempting, and starting to make hollow Ichigo even more threatening. Though really, this is still just foreshadowing when you get right down to it. I would like to note something about the one-panel view of- you know what? ‘Ichigo’s hollow side’ is a clumsy name. I’m going to call him Hichigo from now on. In the one-panel view of Hichigo, you may notice that he was identical to the reversed Ichigo Zangetsu made him fight during the match against Kenpachi.



Conquistadores means "Conquerors". It is also the term used to refer to the Spanish pioneers that conquered and colonized America. I'd say it's... fitting.
Gilphon 11th Dec 10