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Thinking about Offers

Chapter 189: Resolve

We open to Ichigo and Ishida contemplating Shinji’s and Ryuuken’s words, respectively. But of course, Shinji’s still part of the class, so he shows up. goofiness happens, but Ichigo puts a stop to it by dragging Shinji out of the room. He wants to know why Shinji’s still there, since he refused Shinji’s offer and all. Shinji says that he won’t give up so easily, and anyway Ichigo’s already a Vizard because he went hollow before,] and nothing can turn him back. Apparently, Ichigo’s hollow side will take him over if left unchecked, but Shinji knows a way to get it under control. Tatsuki sees something happening, but probably isn’t close enough to actually hear what they’re saying. The school day is over, and Ichigo’s brooding. Shinji is frustrated about his job, but then he gets kicked into a streetlight. He turns around, and sees it was done by this girl, who’s name is Hiyori. She beats him up for failing to recruit Ichigo. Chad and Orihime appear, wanting to know what’s going on. We cut over to Ryuuken in his office. Ishida comes in, saying that he wants his powers back and agrees not to have anything to do with the shinigami.

Title’s either referring to Shinji’s resolve to keep trying, or, more likely, to the way Ishida gathers his resolve and accepts Ryuuken’s offer. Also, it’s weird isn’t it? Just putting Hiyori there suddenly makes Shinji a lot less creepy, doesn’t it? And yes, she was the one he was talking to on the phone a little while ago. Her presence here serves to both make the Vizard appear more like an organization and less like a single creepy guy, and to humanize Shinji, and by extension the Vizard, by having some comedy centred around them. This chapter also added a bit more credibility to Shinji’s offer, it’s not just a shady guy telling you what to do, it’s a shady guy tell you to join his organization in exchange for something you actually need and letting you know that things will go badly if you don’t get the thing he’s offering. A lot more convincing an argument, don’t you think? As for Ishida, I presume he’s reasoned that since he and Ichigo were never really friends to begin with, it’s not that big a deal to break ties with him. He did start off hating shinigami, after all, so he would have run out of rational arguments against Ryuuken’s offer pretty quickly. This chapter wasn’t anything special for the most part, largely just setting up plot points and stuff for the next few.



I believe Ishida never intended to keep his word, after all, he didn't really need his powers back at all if he wasn't planning on fighting with Ichigo & co. again…

... that reminds me, Ichigo and Ishida never had a proper fight, but that's something for the Bleach thread.
Gilphon 11th Dec 10

I'd disagree with that, nothing in the promise says he can't got out and kill hollows and just generally continue his grandfather's legacy, which was his original goal after all. He's been a Quincy for years, but only met Ichigo and co. recently, after all.
Gilphon 11th Dec 10