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Grimmjow's replacement

Chapter 229: The Howling Tempest

For the first time in a little while, we get to see Yammy and Ulquiorra. Seems Yammy's only now getting his arm working again, unlike Ulquiorra, who can just regenerate, and unlike Grimmjow, who's lost his arm for good. Ulquiorra comments that if he hadn't gotten his arm back, he would've been kicked out of the Espada, since he's #10 and all. Because he is #10. That comment wouldn't make any sense if Yammy wasn't one of the weaker Espada. It just wouldn't. Luckily, he is, so it does. Oh, and he smashes his medic 'cause he's a jerk like that. they head off to meet Aizen, and meanwhile Ichigo and the Visored act stupid. The point here is that it's been a month since he beat Hichigo, and he can still only hold the mask for 10 seconds. Back with the two arrancar, we arrive at Aizen's place and see some new Arrancar designs. Those familiar with the series will note that these are the Espada we're seeing here, albeit with a few missing members. Hougyoku's apparently still just at 50%, but Aizen can, due to his immense reiatsu, use it at full power temporally, giving him a brand new Arrancar, Wonderweiss. But it's time for Uliquiorra to go do something. Grimmjow can tag along too, if he likes. In the real world, it's noted that Yumichika and Rangiku don't have bankai, and are unlikely to reach it anytime soon. Ikkaku notices something about the clouds, but brushes it off. too bad he's right.

Chapter 230: The White Invasion

Over in SS Ukitake's joined by Hisagi, Tousen's former lieutenant. They're watching Rukia and Orihime train with each other. Ukitake happy Rukia's made a friend, and Higasi comments on how out-of-the-ordinary our heros are. Hisagi's also over-worked, since he's taken over everything Tousen used to do. Ukitake says he likes how peaceful it is, which is of course tempting fate. Sure enough, the portal opens, showing four Arrancar; Yammy, Grimmjow, Wonderweiss and girly-boy there. Both parties are surprised at the sudden confrontation, but Grimmjow's not interested and jumps off. Girly-boy calls him 'former no. 6', and indeed, the number been taken off him, meaning he's not an Espada anymore. Yammy, although the people topping his murder list aren't there, is willing to deal with the people in front of them. He calls out to Wonderweiss, who just sort of moans at him. Hitsu jumps in, and he and Yammy introduce themselves. Girly-boy, who I can now call by his name, Luppi, reveals himself as the new No. 6; facing off against Ikkaku and Yumichika. Rangiku's fighting Wonderweiss, in theory. In practice she's just watching as WW tries to catch a dragonfly. Ichigo wants to go help, since he's sense the Arrancar's arrival, but the other Visored won't let him. Except Shinji, for some reason, who lets him go. Grimmjow's outside, so they get ready for a rematch.

Umů messing up the clouds would take a strong wind, I guess? Now, I would like to point out, just because it'll come up again much later on, that shinigami who've already gotten bankai can apparently derive benefit from meditating; communing with their zanpakutou. Another little thing I've always thought was odd is that Luppi was given Grimmjow's old spot, instead of everyone behind him moving forward a rank. Since we weren't directly told that Yammy was part of the Espada when he first appeared, I suppose it's possible that exactly that happened, but it seems odd for Yammy to be put back into the Espada during a period where it was unclear whether or not he'd be allowed to stay in due to his loss of arm. The other possibility is that Luppi was only created recently, so there just happened to be somebody qualified to replace yet to be properly ranked hanging around when he was kicked out. This is the most likely explanation, I feel, especially since Aizen does appear to have a pretty high rate of production going here. Alternatively, he might've just figured that screwing with the tattoos would've been too much trouble, 'cause they sound like a lot of work to maintain. Finally, Wonderweiss. Notice that he seemed to be able to talk in his first appearance, but it's been all vague moans since then. The sudden switch is a little odd, don't you think?


Reading the translation on here (http://manga.animea.net/bleach-chapter-229-page-4.html) makes it seem as though Yammy's rank as #10 doesn't matter, or implies that he thinks he's stronger than Grimmjow.

Ulquoirra says he would be kicked out of the Espada without his arm, mentioning that the same happened to Grimmjow, and Yammy says maybe. Grimmjow also lost his left arm, while Yammy lost his dominant arm, so he must be pretty confident that he's quite above Grimmjow (while released) to make that statement. If Yammy was really the weakest, he'd have to be pretty damn thick to think he was that much better than Grimmjow.
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