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Aftermath of the battle

Chapter 214: Immanent God Blues

We open to somebody we havenít seen in a while, Ishida. Seems he was keeping tabs on the battle outside. Apparently, Ryuukenís training method is to continually shoot arrows and see if his son survives. The next morning, over at the Kurosaki residence, Ichigoís nowhere to be seen. Rukia doesnít know where he is, but she remembers him sulking after the battle, saying that he thinks Urahara already knows about Hichigo, but canít do anything. She runs off to find him, and we see that heís angsting by the crater Yammy and Ulquiorra left. This, of course, means heís skipping school, as are Chad, Ishida and Rukia. Hitsugaya, on the roof of the school gets attacked by Matsumoto and reveals his concerns about the Arrancar. The ones they beat were apparently Gillians, so that speaks volumes about the strengh of Arrancar made from higher-class Menos. Oh, and Ururuís back to normal. Enter Chad, who asks Urahara to train him. To finish the chapter, it turns out Ichigoís decided to find the Vizard.

So, I reluctantly admit that I had to do a bit of dictionary work on the title, but it turns out that an ĎImmanent Godí is a God thatís permanently pervading and sustaining the universe, as opposed to a transcendent God, who interacts rarely, if ever, with the universe. Thereís a future chapter title which I now recognize as referring back to this one, but beyond that, Iím kind of drawing a blank when it comes to relating this one. Help? But anyway, this chapterÖ well, we have Ichigo, Chad and Ishida acting on their earlier feelings of uselessness and trying to better themselves, but thereís not really anything else here I havenít already discussed elsewhere. Though, one bit of Fridge Logic: Grimmjow showed that it perfectly possible for an Arrancar to enter the real world without much fanfare, so why was Ulquiorra and Yammyís entrance so dramatic? I suppose it could be that unlike Grimmjow, they were trying to attract as much attention as possible, but it still seems a little odd.


silver 2195:

Yammy has no sense of subtlety.
Gilphon 13th Dec 10
mr AHR:

I'd say Rule Of Drama, probably. Like how people tend to make it rain just for the mood, and then conveniently forget about it later.

Gilphon 13th Dec 10

Yeah, probably, but I'd prefer if there were some kind of Watsonian explanation for it.
Gilphon 13th Dec 10