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Chapter 227: The Swordless Soldier

The shinigami are are silly, but I don't really care. Orhime's in the lair and sees her friends trying to kill each other. Chad's losing, but isn't ready to give up. Seems Orihime gets the gist of what's going on. Urahara outlines the fact that things are headed towards war, but says Orihime shouldn't participate. Apparently, since Tsubaki got destroyed by Yammy, she has no offensive power, and therefore shouldn't be on the battlefield. Chad objects, saying that Orihime still has a barrier and healing powers, but Urahara reminds him that they'll have the 4th squad for healing, who are much more skilled than her. Chad still doesn't agree, and Orihime runs off saying she understands, but is visibly shaken. Renji agrees with Urahara, though, saying that she's not the sort of person who'll do well on a battlefield, and and it's better to do this now than at a crucial moment. Meanwhile, Aizen, reviewing Ulquiorra's report, seems to find Orihime's power interesting.

Chapter 228: Don't Look Back

Orihime runs into Rukia before collapsing into tears. After a bit of explaination, Rukia's rather annoyed. Orihime, for her part, just doesn't want to be everyone's way Rukia says that Orihime was useful back in the SS arc, so they just have to find a way for her to contribute here as well. Then Hiyori, the professional Moment Killer, shows up and steals Orihime. And then Hachi. He apparently wanted to look a her hairpins, comparing them a zanpakutou. The other visored comment how much attention Hachi's giving her, speculating that for him, meeting somebody with the same type of power is like meeting a new family member. And perhaps it's the same way for Hiyori, towards Ichigo. But apparently, due to the similarity in their powers, Hachi's able to restore Orihime's hairpin, causing Tsubaki to pop back into existence. Hachi seems to concur with Urahara on the whole, though he won't force her to stay behind, encouraging her to do what she wants. Outside, Orihime meets Rukia and she resolves to get stronger.

Skipping the titles today because I think they're obvious. Now, despite the fact that everyone seems to agree with him, it's odd that Urahara would be so dismissive of Orihime's powers right after we had the visored saying how remarkable she was? Add into that Aizen's apparent interest in her, and this becomes downright incongruous. We'll see what that's about in a few. The only thing here beside something character development stuff for Orihime I don't feel the need to go over is the fact that apparently, Hachi's powers are unique even among the visored, apparently being something seperate from hollow powers. Hachi is therefore not just a combination of two powers, as the other visored are, but a combination of three powers, one of which we've only ever been seen before in Orihime.


It's possible that Urahara knew about Orihime's powers and their significance to Aizen, and didn't want to risk sending Orihime into battle when it would be easy to capture her. That doesn't really explain why Hachi said the same thing. Maybe for the same reason? He says that she doesn't know everything about her powers yet, so perhaps.
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