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Hichigo's defeat

Chapter 221: Let eat the world end

Hichigo sword turns black, as does part of his sleeve. he jumps back, shaken, letting go of his sword as he does so. then suddenly, Ichigo wakes up, facing Kenpachi again for some reason. Then heís facing Hichigo again, pulling the sword out of his gut and stabbing Hichigo with it. The hollow admits defeat, but tells Ichigo heíll be watching for his chance and that he shouldnít die if he wants to stay in control. Youíd think that would go without saying, but apparently not. Back in the real world, things go boom.

Chapter 222: No Shaking Throne

Or not. The Visored currently fighting Ichigo seems to think Ichigoís lost, and heís already taken longer than any of them except Hiyori, and heís only beating Hiyori by a few seconds. He attacks, making Visored, Love, prepare to go hollow, but the attack stops. Hachi pulls Love out, and boom; Hiyoriís record is safe. Hachi puts down the barrier as Ichigo collaspes. Shinji asks how he is. He says heís fine, but Hichigoís warning echoes through his mind, and he promises to never give him his chance. Meanwhile, Orihimeís worried, but forces herself to be cheerful again. And apparently, the shinigami have installed some junk in her house. Yamamotoís calling through a flesh TV. Freaky.

I donít what ĎLet Eat the World Endí means, guys. I really donít. I suspect Kubo may have made a grammar or spelling mistake there, but I donít know what he meant to say. But Hichigo sure found that Ichigo on ĎNo Shaking Throneí, didnít he?

Now, thereís a lot of weird stuff going on in the first chapter there. The easiest thing to interpret is that when things turns from white to black, it shows the shinigami side gaining control over the hollow one. Harder is the stuff with Kenpachi. Iím not entirely sure what thatís about, but Iíll give my best guess: Ichigo was knocked out there, his conscious mind going on vacation, so his instincts took over. Kenpachiís there because heís Ichigo personal definition of someone who acts through instinct, his personal philosophy striking a bit of a chord with Ichigo, allowing him to instinctively beat Hichigo. Or least, thatís what I think. Might just be rambling here.

The only thing I found really interesting in the second chapter is the page where Orihime forces herself to be cheerful. She's been through a lot of crap in her life, with her parents dying and then her brother dying shortly afterwards, and yet, what's her default persona at the beginning of the series? Cloudcuckoo Lander. I'd call Angst? What Angst? if she it wasn't for the fact that she's a very angsty character at times. But given that little scene, it's launching right through The Pollyanna and approaching an almost Stepford Smiler type thing in my mind.