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The Arrancar pull out.

Chapter 235: The Frozen Clutch

Yammy, noticing Luppi's down for the count, tries to move in, but it turns out Urahara's not dead. Actually, he's not even hurt, and is dominating the fight. Oh, and he used an inflatable duplicate to avoid all those attacks. And that little 'Bala' trick won't work on him anymore. All this annoys Yammy a little bit. Ichigo seems pretty screwed, though. His mask's spent, so is his power, and Grimmjow knows it. Just as Grimmjow gets ready to finish him, rescue comes in the form of Rukia, who freezes Grimmjow. Too bad that's utterly ineffective.

Chapter 236: The Sun Already gone down.

Seems the rescuer needs rescuing, so that job falls to Shinji. He more or less just steamrolls Grimmjow for a little while. Grimmjow, desperate and enraged, prepares to release, only for Ulquiorra to appear. seem he got what he wanted, so the Arrancar are forced to pull back. This also frees Luppi from the ice, who swears revenge on Hitsu. The portal closes in front of the frustrated Ichigo, and we see Orihime, healing the fallen guards, subtly shown to be crying now that she has a moment alone.

Grimmjow broke out of the freezing in order to clutch Rukia's head, and Ulquiorra was nice enough to give us a Title Drop. Now, what may come to the mind of many people reading this is that Orihime made quite the mistake there. When they pulled out, Grimmjow and Yammy appeared to be on the ropes, Luppi was outright defeated, and Wonderweiss didn't seem interested in the fight, so to us, it seems like they were well on the way to victory there. But, from Orihime's point of view, things are a bit different, as I feel I can be sure Ulquiorra would have made a few points clear: 1. Grimmjow and Yammy still had their released forms to fall back on, so those battles were far from decided; 2. Ulquiorra himself could join the battle at any time he wanted; 3. Wonderweiss has a significant amount of power, and shouldn't be just dismissed; and 4. There's no telling how many other Arrancar Ulquiorra was holding in reserve. Add to this the fact that Orihime is a quite emotional person, who would've hated to see the people she cared about in danger, and that Ulquiorra is quite skilled, as we'll see, at instilling a feeling of despair in his enemies, you can begin to understand why she acted how she did.


More importantly, Ulquiorra was right there in front of her, it's not like her chances of escaping were particularly high.
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