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Chapter 206: Mala Suerte! 5: Lucky

A piece of Ikkakuís bankai falls to the ground. Itsí user follows shortly behind it. Edrad says Ikkakuís name, glad he got to hear the name of the guy who killed. He then slams to the ground, dead. Flashback time! Ikkaku just lost a fight, and is telling his opponent, who should look familiar, to finish him off. Said opponent refuses, saying that Ikkaku should be thinking about how to survive right now, so that he can get his revenge later. He does, however, make it clear that the only reason Ikkaku survived was because he was lucky. Ikkaku asks the manís name, and Kenpachi Zaraki does so. And yes, that was the same Blood Knight Ikkakuís working under nowadays. The scene changes. Renjiís trying to convince Ikkaku to fill one of the empty captain spots left by Aizenís betrayal, since Ikkakuís the only one whoís suited for it and can use bankai. Ikkaku refuses, explaining that this is the whole reason he wonít let anyone besides Renji and Yumichika know he has bankai; if more people knew, more people would ask him to become captain. He doesnít want to be a captain, incidentally, because he enjoys working under Kenpachi far too much. back in the present, Yumichika finds the still living Ikkaku, who says that he got very lucky today. Meanwhile, Renji and Hitsugaya seem to be losing, despite their being in bankai and their opponents not having released yet.

I probably could put the next chapter here if I forced myself, but this one was the end of the ĎMala Suerte!í arc, so I decided that it wouldnít really have meshed to smush two largely irrelevant chapters into one post. As for the chapter title here: Ikkaku was referred to as being lucky at several points, so thereís the relevance right there, but itís also there is contrast to the arc title. Itís now clear that Edrad was quite mistaken when he said Ikkaku was unlucky; Ikkaku was extremely lucky and Edrad was the truly unlucky one. And yes, as Noimporta alluded to, this is exactly why Renji chose to bring Ikkaku with him over any of the vice-captains; he knew that Ikkaku had bankai and is therefore, in all likelihood, stronger than the vice-captains. To leave things off, I would like to note that itís odd that Renji and Hitsugaya seem to be doing so much worse, since nothing would indicate that those two are that much weaker than Ikkaku or that their opponents are that much stronger than Edrad.


silver 2195:

They were only weaker because of their Power Limiters; they win immediately after using Gentei Kaijo.
Gilphon 12th Dec 10 (edited by: Gilphon)

Yep, Ikkaku, being a third seat, does not have a power limiter. Though Ikkaku might be stronger than Renji, given that he's clearly much more experienced when it comes to battle, and has had Bankai for a longer time.
Gilphon 12th Dec 10

I was trying to hold off talking about them directly until I actually got to the point where they are pointed out. Though the very astute reader would have remembered about those seals from when Renji mentioned them, so I guess it's all good. [tougue]
Gilphon 12th Dec 10