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Chapter 198: The Icecold Discord

Aizen prompts Ulquiorra to give his report, so he plucks out his eye and crushes it. Talk about Eye Scream, eh? Anyway, it turns out that doing that lets anyone who happens to be around relive Ulquiorra’s memories. He explains his reasoning in letting Ichigo live, but an objection happens. An arrancar by the name of Grimmjow feels that it shouldn’t have mattered how weak he was, he was an enemy, and therefore should be killed. After some argument, Ulquiorra asserts that while his current power is nothing, his potential is scary, and they might be able to pull him to their side on day. Grimmjow’s still not satisfied, but Aizen overrules him. Back in the real world, Renji and Rangiku are messing with Kon, and Ichigo resists Rangiku’s tempation and kicks them out. Rangiku decides to force Orihime to let her stay, much to Kon’s delight. Renji heads off to talk to Urahara, but then Ichigo suddenly realizes what Rukia’s plan is, and tires insuccesfully to get her to leave. Yumichika notices a weird hollow feeling, but brushes it off. Tatsuki is worried about all the weird stuff she’s seen, Orihime is glad Ichigo’s back to normal, but also feels a little jealous of Rukia. Keigo, after a bit of being his normal self, notices a hollow in the sky. The chapter ends with a portal opening in the sky, with Grimmjow visible behind it.

Pretty sure the title’s talking the little bit of internal conflict within the arrancar we saw there, since that’s the only real ‘discord’ present. Speaking of the arrancar, one little detail that always kind of bothered me: Of the four Arrancar visibly watching Ulquiorra’s memories, only one ever appears again. I suspect that’s because Kubo didn’t really put any effort into those characters; he was only really using them to fill in the background a little bit, and happened to like of the designs enough to bring it back later. Also, for those of you that didn’t notice, our old buddy from my first real post here, Di Roy, was visible beside Grimmjow on one of those pages. I’ll talk about the significance of that later.


Actually, the six arrancar I saw in that chapter were Harribel, D-roy, Grimmjaw, Ulquiorra, Yammy, and one we don't see again. (please excuse spelling errors or alternate romanizations.)
falconflicker 3rd Feb 11
EDIT: Sorry, looked over the chapter again, there was another fat arrancar I forgot about, and Shawlong.
falconflicker 3rd Feb 11