A Fine-tooth Plot Comb vs Fan Dumb! An in-depth Bleach liveblog



Chapter 207: Mode: Genocide

Yep, Hitsu is indeed losing. Rangiku’s already pretty much lost, even. Renji’s not doing so well either. On a nearby roof, Jinta and Ururu watch Renji’s failure, when Ururu suddenly starts acting all weird and robot-like. she then beats Yylfordt around a bit, still acting all weird and robot-ish. Yylfordt, enraged, releases in response. Ururu’s suddenly a lot less effective. Yylfordt’s a bull, in case you were wondering.

Chapter 208: The Scissors

Jinta step to save Ururu, who then needs to be saved by Renji. Too bad nobody there’s to help Renji. The fight really ain’t going well for him. Shawlong, meanwhile, notices that Yylfordt’s resurrection is in use. Hitsu’s doing somewhat better than Renji, which is air enough since Hitsu’s a captain and Renji’s just a vice-captain, but he’s still losing. Shawlong gives us some expo-speak on how a little limitation of Hitsu’s bankai has works. Apparently, since he hasn’t fully mastered it yet, it has a timelimit, with the ice flowers serving as a countdown. Shawlong decides to release, since he thinks that a captain deserves to see his full power. Well, hullo Mr. Scissorhands, and goodbye even more of Hitsu’s dignity. Shawlong’s kind of a smug asshole.

Ururu said she was going into Genocide mode, so ‘Mode: Genocide’. ‘The Scissors’ is a clear reference to Shawlong’s resurrection. It’s of interest to note that Jinta ‘did’ seem to know what was going on with Ururu there, and that we knew, from Ichigo’s training way back when, that she was stronger than she appeared. As for the exact nature of what happened to her there, well, that piece of foreshadowing hasn’t paid off yet, so we can only speculate. Incidentally, Yylfordt’s ‘Del Toro’ is Spanish for ‘of the bull’ and Japanese for ‘pale-horned prince’; which are fitting because he’s prince-like, has pale hair, has horns and is a bull. Shawlong’s ‘Tijereta’ is Spanish for ‘earwig’ and Japanese for ‘Five-Pincered insect.’ He has an earwig-like tail and five ‘pincers’ in the form of fingers. Still, not a whole lot of hidden meaning in either chapter here.