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More Fighting

Chapter 233: El Violador

It seems that using the mask drained Ichigo's power, so he can't stand up to Grimmjow anymore. And, of course the shinigami can't stand up to Luppi, so Yammy's bored and Wonderweiss is in his own little world. Seems like he noticed something, though. And then, just before tentacle rape can happen, it's Urahara to the rescue. Unexpected, it's Wonderweiss who moves in first, getting right behind Urahara, leaving him with only a few seconds to turn and counterattack, and the attack doesn't even seem to do much of anything to the young Arrancar. Back in SS, Orihime's ready to depart, with two random shinigami acting as escorts. A sudden voice seems to be dismissive of these two, as the owner of the voice, Ulquiorra, doesn't seem to think they'll make much of a difference now that he's crashed the party.

Chapter 234: Not Negotiation

Yeah, Ulquiorra really doesn't think much of the guards. one rushes him, but is beaten before he even gets close. Orihime, acting quickly, slaps the healing field on him and encourages the other guard to run, knowing he can't win and Ulquiorra's after her. Doesn't matter, though. He goes down in a second and she has to stretch the field. Ulquiorra's surprised that her healing will work on them, but doesn't really matter to him. He tells her to come with her or he'll have the others killed, as Aizen apparently wants her power, and Ulquiorra's not big on giving people a choice. Back outside, Urahara, momentarily stops to trying to figure out just attacked him, which lets him get blindsided by Yammy, who's nice enough to explain it to us before he starts spamming it. Luppi, now that he sees Urahara's been dealt with, goes back to dicking around the shinigami, or that's plan anyway. What actually happens is he notices half his tentacles are frozen. Yeah, turns out Hitsu wasn't defeated, he was just taking advantage of Luppi's cockiness and setting up a big attack by freezing the water in the air. The ice crushes in, breaking the tentacles.

'El Violador' means exactly what it looks like it means. Probably talking about Luppi's tentacle rape-ish stuff. I'd like to point out that Wonderweiss noticed Urahara a good while before the other two did, and reacted almost instantly once our favourite shopkeeper made his move, beating out both Yammy and Luppi; neither for whom could be considered particularly weak. And now we know why the Arrancar have moved in so early; they were both a diversion so Ulquiorra could get to Orihime and a threat for Ulquiorra to use. With this in mind, Grimmjow and Yammy become the obvious choices for such a mission: they're both powerful enough to the battle's outcome uncertain, and their destructive, noisy sides will ensure they get plenty of attention. I'm pretty sure Wonderweiss was sent as a kind of 'field test' for him; Aizen is checking to see whether or not an Arrancar with thatů abnormal mental state is usable in battle. I'd say the results are mixed; he was able to give Urahara a nasty little surprise, but he also quickly loses interest in any given battle. As for Luppi, I get the feeling the idea was to sent somebody powerful but disposable to round out the team, as well as letting him tighten the mental vice they're putting on Grimmjow another notch or two.