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Meet the Visored

Chapter 215: Tug your God Out

Shinji asks if Ichigo’s ready to join them, but Ichigo says no, he just wants to find out how they control their inner hollow, by force if necessary. Ichigo and Shinji start fighting. The other Visored notice that Shinji’s not taking it seriously and Ichigo’s too scared of his hollow side to go all out. This prompts Hiyori to step in, kicking Shinji out the window and basically being a bitch. She takes her hollow mask, and declares her intention to force Ichigo into hollow form.

Chapter 216: The Suppression of Darkness

Going over this one quickly, Hiyori and Ichigo fight, Hiyori trying to force Ichigo to go hollow, Ichigo trying to figure out how not to. Finally, Ichigo loses it, Hichigo comes out and chokes Hiyori against the wall. (Yay!) The other Vizored step in to save her, and Shinji says that you can only stop the hollow by crushing deep into your soul.

Titles: Hiyori’s trying to tug Ichigo’s god out, or Ichigo’s trying to tug the Visored’s god (the knowledge of how to suppress a hollow) out. Take your pick of interpretation. Ichigo’s definitely trying to suppress the darkness that is Hichigo, though. I’m not sure what I have to say about these chapters, though. Action heavy chapter are pretty straightforward and leave me with little to say. Well, Hiyori is pretty insufferable here, for one thing, with a nice bit of ironic justice happening once Ichigo goes hollow. Bet she regrets forcing that out, eh? Also note how that one fat Visored seems to supplying them with barriers, that’ll be kind of important later. We see the rest of the Visored for the first time these chapters as well, but only Shinji, Hiyori and the fat guy (his name's Hachi, so I'm just going to start calling him that) do anything really worth paying attention to until Turn Back The Pendulum, which isn't for a long time yet.



I'm pretty sure Shinji and Hachi will still be the only ones making a significant contribution until, um, yeah.
Gilphon 13th Dec 10