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11/05/2012 16:26:07 •••

Childish, generic, Anvilicious and with a non existent plot. Just about watchable

After the last season bucked trends with a mostly serious atmosphere and a lead who wasn't an idiot, Digimon Xros Wars goes back to a generic Shonen idiot, the kind of who can rush into something blindly and with minimal thought then pull through of Shonen idiot power or something. Ok sometimes he has to use some basic Shonen Hero cunning, often he can simply rush and beat the bad guy in a couple of seconds, even say a demon powered up from a bunch of brainwashed kids.

Most of the series is composed of generic and bland filler which is pretty much just a kid with a simple personal problem like needing to make friends, build a robot or win at children's card games, the victim of the weak will feel hes unable to do this on his own or can't be bothered, a Digimon of the week will offer to do it for him, but oh no! Hes evil and just using the kid! Generic idiot hero will blunder around for a bit, make an attempt on capturing the evil digimon and fail, tell the victim of the week he needs to work for what ever it is rather than letting a digimon solve all his problems (space whale Aesop away!), then after some wandering around will beat up the evil digimon in a fight that will probably last less than 30 seconds. Yes not only has the story been cut down, but the fights are (with a few notable exceptions like the card game ep) also extremely short and anticlimatic. And don't think the weak plot and weak action scenes means more time for characterisation, Tagiru is as bland and generic a Shonen hero as you could hope for, only having the obligatory "be slightly less of an idiot who rushes in and save teh world." character development. A few of the other characters do get the odd episode devoted to their development, and those tend to be the shining gems in an otherwise extremely forgettable show.

The "plot" eventually shows itself, and just amounts to defeating a big bad even more generic and dull than the last one (who doesn't do much beyond sending out minions and ripping a hole in reality) and has 0 personality and screen time. And.. thats about it.

The Finale is quite honestly complete crap. Preceding it is some mildly enjoyable but pointless fanservice (the non sexual kind), then two idiotic Shocking Swerves. Then the idiot hero wins easily. The end.

Overall it... watchable, in a junk food fashion. Just don't expect much from it

04/04/2012 00:00:00

2 Things. First

and with a non existent plot
don't think the weak plot
The "plot" eventually shows itself, and just amounts to defeating a big bad even more generic and dull than the last one

You're just throwing around complaints, having a bad or boring plot and having no plot are different things. Second, children's card games are generic now?

04/04/2012 00:00:00

^ He's trying to say that there wasn't any plot until the last four episodes, and even that plot wasn't so good, which is why plot is in quotations.

And yeah, I agree with this review completely about the series and the cliched abomination that was Tagiru. Disagree that Quartzmon; he was a good Big Bad for the small amount of screentime he got.

I'd also like to mention that I loved Yuu's moments of development in this series, and I loved the rival hunters characters, particularly Airu.

04/04/2012 00:00:00

It's hard to tell when s/he's complaining about how bad or weak it is and then complaining how it lacks one. It would had been easier to say it was mostly episodic.

04/04/2012 00:00:00

Its about of both. I'm complaining about how for a long time their was no overarching plot, then the fact that when one appeared it was amazingly awful.

The rival tamers might have been interesting but weren't fully developed. I did like the Yuu eps, they come under the shining gem thing.

I bash Qurtzmon because he has next to 0 personality, little screen time and does next to nothing as a villian. And also comprises a horrible finale.

04/04/2012 00:00:00

Huh? The finale had some nice parallels to Xros Wars finale that I found enjoyable. The Shocking Swerves were bad, but I liked the final battle itself since Arresterdramon used Bagramon's power to defeat an evil version of Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode (since Quartzmon absorbed the whole earth). The heroes were gathered with Bagramon's power, and the reason that Quartzmon lost was because the people and Digimon he absorbed were uncooperative while in contrast, the Digimon that merged with X7 were completely willing. Tagiru winning was completely justified.

In short, I actually liked the final episode despite the generally sub-par season.

04/05/2012 00:00:00

Yeah but the whole gather 6 heroes who will do more than beat up mooks and help the boring marty stu shonen idiot powered by stupidity to win in a dull climax battle isn't my idea of a good finale. Especially with the build-up and ridiculous amount of filler.

04/05/2012 00:00:00

^ Exactly this. There was so much wrong with the finale, especially Tagiru's role in it, that I could go into but it's just not worth my time.

The rival tamers might have been interesting but weren't fully developed.

Weren't they ever. We didn't get to know any of their pasts or family lives, we didn't really get to know Ren period, and when Ryouma got importance in the finale, it was terribly handled. Shame since they were fun and they deserved better.

I did like the Yuu eps, they come under the shining gem thing.

Agreed. All the screentime hogged by Tagiru really deserved to go to Yuu.

I bash Qurtzmon because he has next to 0 personality, little screen time and does next to nothing as a villian. And also comprises a horrible finale.

He wasn't the best villain, but I can't call him the worst either. He certainly left an impression on me, at least.

04/07/2012 00:00:00

I would strongly argue Bagramon being "generic and dull." At least he had a reason for what he did, and so did DarkKnightmon to an extent- they both had ideas somewhat associated with heroic characters but twisted into evil plots. I mean, I'll take Bagramon over the "evil for the hell of it" villains that were the majority of the first two seasons. Honestly, he's probably the best villain in the franchise even if he did spend a good chunk of time sitting around, and his brother had charm even when he was being a complete monster.

I think part of the reason for this series' flaws comes from it being rushed out of necessity- the first two arcs of Xros Wars were so popular that the higher-ups demanded more episodes and they could only do so much with the little time they had. Don't forget that this series came just a week after episode 54... they probably had only a few months, if that much, to organize what they did. Had they been given, say, another year to work on it this probably would have been an amazing season.

I actually really like Quartzmon, incidentally, for disguising as one of the kids' partners. That was definitely new.

04/07/2012 00:00:00

Good gally,I hope you mean just the Xros Wars franchise,because topping Kurata as a villain is like searching for a more useless character than Yolei,searching for a more developed character than Impmon,it's seemingly Beyond The Impossible

04/07/2012 00:00:00

^ Kurata isn't that hard to top for me. Not that he wasn't a good villain, but I felt he had the potential to really wow me as a villain but it just didn't get used to it's fullest extent.

^^ Baguramon was also a good villain but not the best. I certainly found "first two season villains" like Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, Piedmon, The Digimon Emperor, and Oikawa to be more memorable than him. Darkknightmon, on the other hand...

Also, this still wouldn't have been an "amazing season" if Tagiru were still the protagonist. Sorry if I sound hard to please, but the characters' whole existance is shit.

11/05/2012 00:00:00

I'm glad everyone agrees that Tagiru is entirely uninteresting and dull. I was impressed that IN THE FINALE he was still just bumbling around going "I'm gonna be a superstar!" How does a character develop so little?? We don't get a glimpse of his past or his goals. Well aside from aforementioned SUPERSTA Rdom.

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