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Dominus Temporis was, once upon a time, a new troper who had been hanging around the site for a while and finally got his lazy tuckus in gear. Then he made this page. And then he forgot about it. And then it was moved to the Tropers section along with all the others, which totally explains all those red links over in Troper Tales. And now I'm editing this once more...

Oh wait, Troper Tales doesn't exist anymore. Good going, Powers that Be.


There used to be a list of tropes here. Now there's not. I'm protesting against something, or some crap like that. Because I realized it's stupid and this site has pretty much gone down the crapper.


  • So apparently vandalism is a thing. (As in, acceptable conduct on TV Tropes troper pages.) Cool, cool. ...yeah, um, weird thing- back when I was a BZ Power member, I would occasionally write stuff in collaboration with another member with the same username as yours, up until he vanished from the site a few years back. I was just wondering if you happened to be the guy in question. If yes, well, I'd really like to talk to you about, well, writing-related stuff or whatever (bleh, I is bad at saying things -_-); if not, my sincerest apologies for bothering you. :\ ~Endless Sea

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