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01/18/2020 13:16:51 •••

Overhyped and Underwhelming

Resident Evil 2 Remake has earned plenty of accolades. And, to an extent, it has earned them - whilst I feel the game relies a touch too much on Fake Difficulty, that's a matter of personal taste. It's an extremely solid Survival Horror in its own merit... but, as a Resident Evil remake? I think it's nowhere near as good as it could be. Honestly, I think most of the hype for it comes from the extremely vocal fanbase who hated the more Actionized Sequel parts of the series (Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 especially), and in fact it's an inferior remake when compared to the original Resident Evil 1 remake.

I'm not complaining about the switch to over-the-shoulder perspective, or the loss of tank controls. But the RE2make simply isn't as good as it could be, and certainly does not live up to the original RE1make. Why? In short, the RE1make added lots of new content; new enemies, new bosses, new areas to explore, new mechanics and new lore. The RE2make, in comparison, mostly cuts content. It removed three enemies, changed a boss into a recurring enemy, and completely reworked the Ivy B.O.W. into the Ivy Zombie, which changed its appearance and tactics whilst also retconning the lore. But the biggest and most notable cut is how sharply it cut into the story of the original RE2.

Now, let's be honest, there were puzzles that repeated themselves between A and B scenarios in RE2-1998, but they still used distinctive cutscenes and missions in the two scenarios to make for a unique story that, puzzles aside, still meshed together well to make a chronologically viable course of events. And I would know, since I wrote the Recap page. Playing the different halves of the linked campaigns would give you distinctly different sides of what was going on.

The RE2make? It doesn't have that. The only unique segment in the game for each character is the brief one that you play through after first reaching the garage. Literally the only difference is that one little segment, and which unique final boss they fight. As for "2nd Run"? It's a pale imitation of B-Scenario - apart from starting at an alternate route and missing out the cutscenes with Marvin, it's identical to the 1st Run - literally pointless unless you're going for an achievement run or want to fight G-5. Add in that the frequent cutscenes of physical or radio interaction between Claire & Leon were reduced to two cutscenes and two 2nd Run-exclusive notes? I am not happy with the direction this remake took for its story at all.

All in all, this game did not live up to my hopes. It's definitely a solid game... but if I wanted a fun Survival Horror game? I'd play The Evil Within 2 over this. If I wanted a fun Resident Evil game? I'd sooner play Resident Evil 6 or Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

02/20/2019 00:00:00

"In short, the R E2make added lots of new content; new enemies, new bosses, new areas to explore, new mechanics and new lore. The R E2make, in comparison, mostly cut content. It removed three enemies, changed a boss fight out for a recurring enemy, and completely reworked the Ivy B.O.W. into the Ivy Zombie, which changed its appearance and tactics whilst also retconning the lore."

Did you mean the first Resident Evil's remake in the first sentence?

02/20/2019 00:00:00

The same garbage review you posted on the regular page. Troll trash

02/20/2019 00:00:00

Have you thought it wasn\'t the vast majority of people who are wrong? It\'s you, the attention whore. The egotistical piece of shit.

02/20/2019 00:00:00

Are we not entitled to our own opinions?

02/20/2019 00:00:00

As long as your opinion happens to be exactly the same as bigbossbalrog\'s then sure.

02/20/2019 00:00:00

@Valiona: Oh, yes, thank you, that was a mistake. Yes, I was saying that the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil 1 added much more content (2 new bosses in Lisa Trevor and the Alpha Crimson Head, a new enemy type in the Crimson Head, new mechanics in self-defense items and burning corpses, and several new areas) than this remake of of Resident Evil 2, which instead cut 3 enemy types, changed one enemy type into an entirely new enemy, turned a boss into a recurring enemy, cut down its stories to the point it added a Continuity Snarl, and actually cut out several mechanics, including the ability to stomp on downed zombies in response to being grabbed, which has been around since the first game in the series.

02/20/2019 00:00:00

Exactly, you gotta be a terrible person to disagree with the bigbossbalrog. What else did you expect? don\'t ask obvious questions like that anymore.

02/20/2019 00:00:00

Personally, I've never played any of the Resident Evil games, so I can't attest to which games are better, but RE2 and its remake must be mind-blowing if real gamers like bigbossbalrog turn into whiny trolls foaming at the mouth and flagging every negative review they can find after playing it. Many of us have yet to be enlightened with such knowledge, wisdom, and rationality.

EDIT: Seems like bbb's been like this for a while, actually (not interested in doxxing him). Either way, best to ignore him.

02/20/2019 00:00:00

I\'ve only really played Zero from the \"classic\" style, and I hated the tank controls/fixed camera angles and such. Didn\'t make a fun experience.

But, I respect many people loved it, and if they wanted more of that, eh, \'s on them.

That said, this game\'s defenders continue to be obnoxious and unpleasant. I think I might like it from what I\'ve heard from normal reviewers; I\'d try it and review it myself if I were in any kind of position to spend money on games this month. And if I weren\'t sure my parents would just hog the television anyway.

05/25/2019 00:00:00

While you make some good points lets not suddenly act like the original Resident Evil 2 was a storytelling marvel. That\'s nostalgia talking. It was B-movie worthy at best. The remake\'s story, despite obvious flaws, is infinitely better in every way and the gameplay is a clear improvement. This review reads like someone overhyped the game for themselves and was instead annoyed to find out it wasn\'t the holy grail of video games but rather a really quite good reimagining of a flawed but charming survival horror game. That being said, it serves the lesson for you not to overhype things too much.

06/01/2019 00:00:00

@Jamie 1000: The Resident Evil 2 story was B-movie, yes. I never claimed it wasn\'t. But in terms of internal coherence? The R E2make\'s story is vastly inferior. R E2make was the first game to warrant a Continuity Snarl entry; even Resident Evil 6, previously considered to have the most confusing of all the Resident Evil stories, didn\'t have that!

06/01/2019 00:00:00

While I haven\'t played the game, I don\'t necessarily think that a trope entry\'s presence on the list is conclusive proof of a flaw in a game, since it only requires one troper to add the entry, and for every other troper aware of the article to leave it in place. It\'s also worth noting that Wandering Browser was the one who added the Continuity Snarl entry. From what I can tell, said entry makes legitimate points, but that doesn\'t prove that many other people have complained about this aspect of the game.

06/27/2019 00:00:00

An entry that you added, Wandering Browser. Clearly you just dislike the game. That\'s fine. Internal coherence doesn\'t make a game. Resident Evil has never had a good story in game or series wide. It\'s probably the worst aspect of the series. Anyway, it\'s pointless arguing about this. You have your opinion. The 90% on Metacritic speaks for itself. The 10/10 on Steam speaks for itself. The sales and overwhelming fan response speaks for itself. Yours is a minority opinion, and that\'s fine. Like I said prior, don\'t overhype yourself or you\'ll be disappointed.

09/17/2019 00:00:00


  • Trope entry is written by the same user.* You are a fucking joke man. You make me laugh and cry at the same time!

01/09/2020 00:00:00

Sorry for the late reply but ı somewhat have to agree with some of your complaints related to re2 remake; mainly in regards to story which feels more like a reimagining and doesnt replace re2\'s story unlike re1 remake that replaces re1\'s story.

Imo; it should had scenarios that connected to each other very well similar to re2, re6 and rerev2. I also think there could have been more character interactions like ı think leon should had encountered sherry earlier or ada could have temporarily saw sherry. You also have a point about missing enemies; let\'s hope they dont cut any enemies in the upcoming re3 remake. And the ivy monsters are lazily designed; like all they do is an instant kill grab attack; the ivies were more unique in re2.

The game\'s still a good remake imo but in some ways; it feels disappointing. Re 1 remake is a better remake than re2 remake which feels more like a reimagining imo.

Still think this game is better than re7 and its lame reboot wannabe story though...

01/18/2020 00:00:00

The story IS a reimaginination mert20004, it was literally marketed as one. The dev\'s straight up said that it isn\'t a remake. The new RE 3 is also a reimagination. Likewise, the RE 1 remake doesn\'t replace RE 1. Not sure where you got that one from but both games are very much canon and always have been. Capcom has never said the R Emake replaces RE 1. Again, RE 2 (2019) is a reimagining, not a remake. They\'re two very different things.

7 has nothing to do with this but you\'re also a fan of 6 so I\'m not surprised you brought it up. Stay tasteless.

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