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05/09/2019 03:50:24 •••

Not exactly my style, but I understand the appeal

First of all, I would like to point out: I am not a Bronie. I watched the show occasionnally, and I have a friend who genuinely loves it, but I personnally don't follow it with as much zeal as I do with other series. I don't really hate the show either though, so I'll try to analyse it fairly.

I personnally think that one of the strong points for the show is that, Alternative Character Interpretation aside, none of the characters really is a Jerk Ass or an idiot. They are flawed, but not the point you'll feel like they are unsympathetic or moronic, a mistake I feel many show, especially comedic ones (Ultimate Spider-Man, SpongeBob SquarePants, Teen Titans Go!...) tend to do. All those characters have both flaws and qualities, much like normal persons, and are fairly sympathetic. Plus, this isn't a Sadist Show: while the characters do have to learn lessons, it usually ends well for them instead of going with some excessive punishment. This generally good mood, I think, works well in favour of the show.

Another strong point of the show is that it accomplishes exactly what it was intended to do: take a mindless, Merchandise-Driven girly franchise and giving it some actual substance to make it a likable show. The series has its own universe, even its own mythology, and could easily work as its own kind of fantasy show. The elements used are a bit cliché, but it manages to make it likable anyway, partially because it doesn't take itself too seriously (Pinkie Pie especially helps in that aspect).

Now, the show isn't exactly flawless. One of my main problem with it is that, while it has really good ideas, it seems to restrain itself from having a real plot: the villains, for a lot of them, are good and full of potential (especially Discord and Nightmare Moon), but they are used only in the pilotes/finales and never get story arcs: all the other episodes are standalone. I get that's what the writers were going for, but still, I think some story arcs would have been nice, a la Teen Titans. Even outside of the villains, I think it'd have been nice to get more episodes about Luna, for exemple.

Overall, MLP:FIM is exactly what it was intended to be: a kid show for girls. But a good kid show. 7/10.

05/08/2019 00:00:00

you should rewatch the show, Discord has in fact gotten his own story arc (though the episode \"What About Discord\" is heavily disliked by many, I will warn you)

05/09/2019 00:00:00

Yeah, I\'m aware. I wrote this review a while ago when only two or three seasons were up. I do agree the show has improved, though I still do not classify myself as a Bronie.

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