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Aug 8th 2018 at 3:49:15 PM •••

Would like to do some cleanup on the pile of poorly-parsed comic entries, but the page seems to have been locked for a while now. Any word on why, or when it will be ready for editing?

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Aug 8th 2018 at 5:42:17 PM •••

I can edit it. It seems the \"Pages are randomly locked\" bug from the site\'s redesign is still around. I have the page open and ready to be edited right now.

Jun 9th 2018 at 8:03:49 AM •••

There's a ton of confusion between examples from the comic book series and the TV series. Someone who's actually read the comics needs to go through and clean that up, moving entries that aren't from the TV series somewhere else (and cleaning up the grammar and punctuation on them, too).

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Aug 7th 2018 at 2:48:50 PM •••

This is super distracting, I\'m actually trying to seek out the comics in order to do exactly this. That capitalization! The utter lack of punctuation! So atrocious.

Oct 9th 2017 at 6:29:29 PM •••

I suggest that we make the page for the Oni Press comics at Rick and Morty (Oni) so that it has it own sub pages and there won't be any confusion if another publisher gets the license later

Edited by jormis29
Apr 22nd 2017 at 7:48:18 PM •••

Probably should not put the insane ending joke from the most recent episode as the page quote, but I don't know what it was before. Somebody who's been working on this page a lot in the past should do something about it.

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Aug 2nd 2017 at 1:56:02 PM •••

Put it as episode 1 rant because it straight out explains the premise, illustrates Rick's misonthrope elements, and goes into Leaning on the Fourth Wall elements of the show. Wuba luba dub dub works as long as you're willing to explain it, since it hits the Sad Clown elements central to Rick's Absurdism life view. But otherwise it's just a meaningless Catchphrase, as it was when first introduced, and thus doesn't really illustrate anything about the work itself.

Oct 3rd 2016 at 5:48:46 AM •••

You could almost give ''Pocket Mortys it's own page

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Apr 29th 2016 at 10:37:04 PM •••

I'm wondering if I should add Double Standard: Rape, Sci-Fi to Rick and Unity's trope list on The Characters page.

The reason I'm considering it is that at one point, Rick slept with every redhead woman on the planet that Unity had assimilated. Because they're assimilated by Unity (and therefore under the hivemind's control), none of those women were able to give consent or even knew what was going on.

What do you guys think?

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Jun 9th 2018 at 8:02:21 AM •••

I think you're very obviously correct.

Apr 26th 2016 at 1:36:03 PM •••

I'm just gonna make a proposition. Do you think there are enough Wham Episodes to get its own page? I think Rick & Morty pretty much deserves one at this point.

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Apr 26th 2016 at 2:10:21 PM •••

I'd say only Wedding Squanchers and Rick Potion #9 really count. Nothing else really comes to mind as permanently shaking up the status quo. Maaaaaaaaaaybe Close Encounters of the Rick Kind, but I kind of don't even think that would apply.

Which episodes were you hoping to add?

Keep in mind the show only has 21 episodes so far. Even if a quarter of them are Wham Episodes (which would indicate misuse, honestly) then that's only 5, probably not enough for its own page.

Edited by Larkmarn
Feb 8th 2016 at 10:04:35 PM •••

Is Arthricia supposed to be a reference to Katniss Everdeen? She comes from a world where the upper class treat the lower class like crap, they set her up to be murdered for entertainment, and she plans to brutally murder all of them regardless of who gets hurt the process. Oh, and she's a cat person.

Sep 23rd 2015 at 7:37:58 PM •••

Morty is Rick's grandson. So there can't be any universes where Rick never existed where Morty does exist. The math on the "In spite of a Nail" entry is all wrong.

Jun 17th 2015 at 1:31:39 AM •••

In S 1 E 7 (right at the beginning) the argument between Rick and the pawnshop owner is an allusion to a scene in the Mystery Men movie (1999). The bit about the fraculator.

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