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Apr 27th 2014 at 8:24:27 PM •••

The more I look at this, the more I realize that cleanup is a never ending task.

That's 15 pages... out of 32.

Part of it is just breaking down folders into smaller units, part is relocating Jossed/Confirmed guesses into archives, and part of it is finding improperly sorted guesses.

And then there's the three "open" pages, which cover pan-franchise plots, characters, and settings.

Maybe we need a task force to deal with this... Then again, I'll be unavailable the next 2 weeks due to my brother's graduation. Maybe if I only get a small part-time job while taking clases this year, I can commit time to this... maybe.

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May 16th 2014 at 9:26:31 PM •••

And... after 2 weeks, I've finally bent down for an even and cleaned up... The PokeSpe WMG page.

Apr 21st 2014 at 8:12:21 PM •••

With the respective pages being made early in Best Wishes and now we're a full saga after that, I think it's time to rethink the Pokemon Anime WMG pages:

Currently, we have Standard and "Pokémon Future Films", the latter of which is supposed to be a catch-all for future movies and the future of the series.

Unfortunately, in several instances, what was once the future is now well in the past. Conversely, several X-Y saga guesses are being put in the main Anime WMG page (as is proper).

My multi-part solution:

  1. Repurpose the main Anime WMG page to include general guesses plus future guesses about inactive characters. This page would be over-headed by Saga and folderized between Plot, Characters, and Setting as per the standard.
  2. Create an Anime WMG Archive for theories relating solely to the previous 5 sagas that have been Confirmed and/or Jossed. Could be a lockable page except when transitioning from one saga to another, when the old saga's C/J guesses go in. Laid out as above with the additional Overhead of Confirmed / Jossed.
  3. Repurpose the "Future Films" page back to the original purpose of the future of the Anime, both the current saga, newly announced sagas and/or movies, and the future of the series in general. Each of these would be in their own folders, with possible internal sub-heads for the 3 categories in the standard.

Note that I am not touching the Ash's Father page. That's specific enough to leave as is.

Hopefully I can organize these pages soon.

EDIT: 4/22: Copied all Guesses into a single file. Ready to start sorting.

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Apr 24th 2014 at 3:31:38 PM •••

Got the Guesses sorted into 3 files... now I just have to be sure how I want to combine them. Here are the sections I have to date, though I may swap them around soon enough:

  • General or Anime-Meta
    • Ash and Pikachu
      • Their varying powers
      • Ash is always 10
      • Other Theories
    • Team Rocket (May be subdivided)
    • General theories
    • Anime Meta
      • Behind the Scenes
      • Anime Character is Y!
  • Early Adventures (up to and including Sinnoh)
    • Party Members
      • Brock
      • The others (includes Pokemon)
    • Rivals
    • Villains, Plots, and Other
      • Villains
      • Tobias and the Sinnoh Conference
      • Other
  • Best Wishes
    • Re: Team Plasma
    • Other Confirmed or unresolved Guesses
      • The Party
      • The Rivals
      • Setting-Related
      • Other Confirmed/Unresolved
    • Poison Oak Epileptic Trees and Jossed Guesses
      • Ash and pikachu
      • Iris
      • Cilan
      • Pokemon (Party and otherwise)
      • Other characters
      • Movie-Related
      • Series "Endings"
  • X-Y Series
    • The Party
      • Ash and his Pokemon
      • Serena
      • Clemont
      • Bonnie
      • The Group
    • Mega Evolutions (Includes returning characters for this purpose)
    • Other Characters
    • Plots and settings
    • Movie Predictions
  • Future In General
    • Captures and Evolutions
    • Team Rocket
    • Returning Old Characters
    • Movie-Related Guesses
    • How the series will end

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Apr 24th 2014 at 5:44:44 PM •••

The more that I think about it, the more that I think that I should put the unverified Best Wishes entries (that are not Poison Oaks or semi-poisoned) in with the Brock Years and just call it "Past Generations". I'll put the "Past" page along with the general stuff for now and move X-Y onto the Future Page pending creation of a "Past" page.

EDIT: Done it. About ready to go.

EDIT: 4/26: Changes Underweigh. Should be done by 10 PM EDT. Best Wishes Archive already live.

EDIT: Well, it's 12:15 AM EDT, but it is done! I tell you, cleaning up a WMG page is a bit more difficult than cleaning up a bedroom, but there's a certain passion to it.

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Aug 20th 2011 at 9:42:57 PM •••

While cataloging the various WMGs in the general pages in preparation for transfers, I came up on this orphaned line just after the Venonat->Butterfree WMG:

Just like combat and racing sports in real life, the Pokemon League gets a huge chunk of its funding from people placing bets on the outcome of its battles, with the balance of the funding coming from sponsorships, admissions and concessions.

Anyone have any idea about its original WMG? There may be one or two that it might fit, but the gap between them and this line is so large that I'm thinking accidental erasure is more likely.

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