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Nov 2nd 2014 at 1:47:18 PM •••

Since this trope is VERY much Truth in Television, I took the liberty to salvage the Real Life section for further use.

    Real Life 
  • Unfortunately, this is Truth in Television. Most adults simply do not have the social, verbal, mental and physical skills to cope with the issues children and youth have to face, and at worst simply do not take their issues seriously.
  • Happens in "cultures of abuse," where, for cultural, subcultural, or religious reasons, abuse is either actively committed and actively supported, or at the very least, covered for with a blind eye turned toward abusers. This can happen in everything from high demand religious organizations (and happened in one mainstream religious organization enough to become a trope). Children trapped in such may not be able to escape the abuse because doing so would require far more than they are capable of doing (e.g. for a girl child in a society that practices female genital mutilation to escape it, she would need the help of sympathetic adults, which do not exist in most FGM practicing cultures, for a child in a dangerous Scam Religion to escape it, he or she would have to know what it was and confess to and maintain contact with someone on the outside) or if they DO tell someone, they may be blamed for seducing or upsetting the perpetrator or just be ignored (as happened in the pedophile priest scandals).
  • Bullying. Bullied children often have a difficult time getting help from adults - some adults see it as a Rite of Passage, some assume that the bullied child is oversensitive, others may just think it's not a big deal and some may believe that the child being accused of bullying would never do such a thing because of a certain status (such as having straight As).
    • This is especially true when the bullying is between siblings. Many adults are unable to distinguish the difference between sibling rivalry and outright bullying. And it's especially true if the younger sibling is the bully, as the older one will likely be accused of making up stories for the sake of attention and ignored (this is the reason the youngest of siblings is often considered "spoiled").
  • There have been cases where emergency phone calls by children have been mistaken for prank calls.
  • In this elaborate prank played on three children aged eight, six and five, the entire neighbourhood bands together to make the siblings believe they're all under attack from zombies. The kids rig their house with a variety of traps, and when the zombie attacks their home, they fight back with tabasco sauce, plastic dinosaurs, wet sponges, cling-wrap, and finally their own tiny, ineffectual fists. Holed up in the bedroom, the children are told by the show presenter that if they don't work together, the zombie will eat them, at which point one of the boys explodes: "Don't you dare say that the zombie will get me! You haven't helped us at all!!"
  • As much as some schools claim to be strict on fighting, you'd be surprised at how often students get away with it (oddly enough, though unsurprising, it's not uncommon that a student faces suspension for something as minor as not being in "proper" uniform).
    • Made worse when in some schools, when a fight breaks out, the person who was assaulted first and merely fights back to defend gets in just as much trouble as the aggressor, if not more.
    • If a school brags about having very little or no bullying at all, chances are very high that they're just very good at turning a blind eye and covering things up.
  • Happens often in abusive households where one parent or step-parent abuses their children, while the other ignores it, whether out of denial, fear of their partner, apathy, or malice. "Why didn't you protect me?" is often one of the first questions a survivor asks when trying to reconcile with a complicit parent.
  • This tends to happen with teens who are suffering from depression and/or suicidal feelings, especially girls. Many adults blow it off as hormones and regular moodiness and may not realize there's a genuine problem until it's too late.

Aug 10th 2011 at 7:55:16 AM •••

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