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By DRCEQ on 12/09/18 06:55 PM
Reason: There isn't any song in the entire SAC soundtrack called "Sniper", but there is this one. I didn't know it was used as an ending theme in Japan though.

By Ricardo Renegado on 12/09/18 06:53 PM
Reason: Cleaning

By rjd 1922 on 12/09/18 06:53 PM

By Midello Felteve on 12/09/18 06:50 PM
Reason: SCP-2295

By Quanyails on 12/09/18 06:45 PM
Reason: Not a Bonus Boss. Kallixenia is not treated as any more challenging than other bosses in side-quests.

By God Sammit on 12/09/18 06:42 PM
Reason: edits i wanted to make

By Mr Madman on 12/09/18 06:41 PM
Reason: Started working on my troper page. This is what I have for now until I can get back to it.

By Godzillawolf on 12/09/18 06:39 PM
Reason: Weekly Shonan Jump confirms the two are now evenly matched.

By Mark Lungo on 12/09/18 06:38 PM
Reason: Additions and corrections. Also deleted Trailers Always Spoil because the companions were in no more danger than usual, and their deaths weren't teased in any way.

By Microwave 174 on 12/09/18 06:35 PM
Reason: Removed the Left Hanging entry since it no longer applies and even if it did, Cut Short could be more appropriate and a Trivia page may be a better place for that if at all.

By lalalei 2001 on 12/09/18 06:35 PM
Reason: in the subs gozaburo took interest in noah's 3% plan, but left him behind onc ehe outlived his usefulness

By White Chedda Pikachu on 12/09/18 06:33 PM
Reason: That example was more "Nightmare Fuel" than "Fridge Horror"

By Quanyails on 12/09/18 06:28 PM
Reason: Let's not mention it if it's not an example.

By Microwave 174 on 12/09/18 06:28 PM
Reason: Corrected a misspelling of Kent Mudle's name.

By Ben Dover on 12/09/18 06:28 PM
Reason: Ass Shove would indicate that Frank shoved the hammer into Lance's ass. That is not what happened.

By Nohbody on 12/09/18 06:27 PM
Reason: crosswicking, moving Outlived to the Trivia tab

By God Sammit on 12/09/18 06:26 PM
Reason: needed a fix

By 00 Altair on 12/09/18 06:25 PM
Reason: Serial Escalation doesn't apply here as the main focus of it is things getting bigger/crazier/bombastic the longer something goes on. Like for example, Gurren Lagann in its entirety where we went from humble beginnings to over the top galaxy smashing action. Second, it's not really a character specific trope. It's more of a trope for the series itself.

By God Sammit on 12/09/18 06:24 PM
Reason: needed a fix

By God Sammit on 12/09/18 06:21 PM
Reason: New examples

By Quanyails on 12/09/18 06:21 PM
Reason: Bonus Bosses are optional challenge bosses, not side-bosses.

By Troper 1138 on 12/09/18 06:18 PM
Reason: Added external link to give a sense of the size of the most (in)famous airship of them all.

By Frozen Evil In A Lake on 12/09/18 06:12 PM
Reason: This trope only applies when the two characters aren't the Official Couple. Whereas this film itself very much pairs Judy and Nick together.

By sonikkuruzu on 12/09/18 06:07 PM
Reason: "preformed" -> "performed" in the Sonic examples.

By erinaconyx on 12/09/18 06:04 PM
Reason: longtail is from warrior cats. Longbody is from this novel.

By Saberwulf 2018 on 12/09/18 06:04 PM
Reason: Moving to awesome page

By Shadow Lucario 50 on 12/09/18 06:01 PM
Reason: I just can't see Ron holding himself back intentionally. He's always been one who wanted and embraced attention, so I feel he usually holds himself back because of severe self-doubt in his skills, needing the approval of others to feel like he's worth enough.

By Gradientscholar on 12/09/18 05:58 PM
Reason: Grammar Typo

By Lestroisrois on 12/09/18 05:57 PM
Reason: Christopher Guest says in the same video already linked that he went to the fencing master just before filming the scene and told him that instead of all the choreography they had planned that he was going to defend himself. The ones who had no experience with fencing were specifically Cary Elwes and Mandy Patinkin.

By Ghidra 15 on 12/09/18 05:48 PM
Reason: Created from YKTTW

By White Chedda Pikachu on 12/09/18 05:45 PM
Reason: "Family Unfriendly Aesop" regarding I Can't Take It.

By Malady on 12/09/18 05:44 PM

By Malady on 12/09/18 05:44 PM

By Malady on 12/09/18 05:43 PM
Reason: Redundant. Wick Namespace Migration - How To Write An Example - Do Not Add Multiple Tropes With A Slash/Adding Multiple Tropes With A Slash Is Bad

By Malady on 12/09/18 05:43 PM

By mlsmithca on 12/09/18 05:42 PM
Reason: Writing "to start" is Word Cruft. Just start, don't say you're going to start and then start.

By thistlefield on 12/09/18 05:42 PM
Reason: added example

By Buffalo Gates on 12/09/18 05:41 PM
Reason: Added examples for Metric

By mlsmithca on 12/09/18 05:40 PM

By chuck 88 on 12/09/18 05:40 PM
Reason: Removing empty folders, only have folders listed in an article you have examples to list in them.

By Snax Box on 12/09/18 05:39 PM
Reason: What does anyone think of this?

By KY Cubbie on 12/09/18 05:33 PM
Reason: Browns update.

By iloveserperior on 12/09/18 05:32 PM
Reason: the naming of the monolith is contentious so i just put in both

By Buffalo Gates on 12/09/18 05:31 PM
Reason: Added songs for Metric

By Theriocephalus on 12/09/18 05:29 PM
Reason: Fixed red links.

By Arcorann on 12/09/18 05:27 PM
Reason: cite your sources please, the Dyar Straights page explains why UC 0001 cannot possibly be 2045 CE

By rjd 1922 on 12/09/18 05:26 PM
Reason: The Wikia image is actually Mari Yamazaki presenting the award to Arakawa's editor.

By Knowall on 12/09/18 05:17 PM
Reason: Added Ghost details

By Psy Force Star Gladiator 86 on 12/09/18 05:11 PM
Reason: Fixing and Adding

By mightymewtron on 12/09/18 05:09 PM
Reason: Duplicate example