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Rise from Your Grave is a troper from New England. He's been troping since 2011, though he had two accounts here prior to this one, hence the name. No, he doesn't want to talk about those ones. Let's just say he knows the rules now. Mostly.

Primarily a typo-correcting lone wolf (his most frequently-used edit reason is "Minor edit(s)."), his writing style tends to be long, descriptive, and usually formal. Yes, he was (and still is) a Wikipedia editor. While some aspects of TV Tropes tend to bother him even to this day, such as how the site still can't do text formatting in Pot Holes, he's become comfortable editing here ever since.


He has his own Sandbox page located here.

Yes, I did refer to myself in the third-person writing that description.

As you may tell by my writing style, I am not so good at communicating with others, hence why I do a lot of Lone Wolfing.

No, I am not a fan of Altered Beast. I never even really played it.

Some pages I have significantly worked on include (with some personal comments in parentheses):note 

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    Created pages 
Pages here that I have made.
  • Achievement HunterRooster Teeth's gaming division. Rise from Your Grave originally created this page when tropes for this division overwhelmed their parent company's own page. The page was initially under the Main namespace because RfYG was unsure exactly which namespace to put it under. Another troper moved it to the Creator namespace where it now stands, but this had the side effect of causing the Main namespace to be locked, preventing any opportunities for a potential trope with the name "Achievement Hunter" being made. (Sorry. Anyway, I no longer watch the group's videos as much as I used to.)
  • Burnout Paradise — 2008 open world racing video game developed by Criterion Games, and currently the last main title in the Burnout series. (One of my favorite games, Paradise is so distinctive from the rest of its series that it deserved its own page.)
  • The Crew — 2014 open world racing MMO published by Ubisoft. (The game's okay, but I like it more for its massive open world than for its driving, which isn't that great, and multiplayer aspects, which I don't tend to get involved in anyway.)
  • Gavin Free — British filmmaker and slow-motion cinematographer working for Rooster Teeth and the company's Achievement Hunter division. When Free's folder on AH's Characters sheet got too big, he had to have his own page.
  • Franchise.Lilo & Stitch — Disney media franchise based on the 2002 animated film of the same name. (My favorite Disney franchise with my favorite Disney character. Been pretty much obsessed with it recently, although I'm not happy about the Lilo-free spin-off hell it's been in for years now.)
  • VideoGame.Lilo & Stitch — Video games based on the above Disney franchise. ('Cause why not?)
  • Lilo And Stitch 2 Stitch Has A Glitch — 2005 Direct to Video animated film in the Lilo & Stitch franchise, and Interquel to both the first film and Stitch! The Movie. RfYG moved the film's tropes (along with those of its short film, The Origin of Stitch) to its own page and provided a lengthier description for it, allowing for the first film's tropes to be the sole focus of its page (for now). This also allowed this film to have some of its own subpages instead of being sectioned in the subpages of the first film and the franchise.
  • Recap.Lilo & Stitch: The Series — Recap page for episodes in Lilo & Stitch: The Series, the first sequel spin-off TV series in the Lilo & Stitch franchise. Currently, there are ten Recap pages for episodes in this series, eight of them created and written by RfYG. (If you can, please help me with writing them, especially in comes to adding tropes.)
  • Michael Jones — American actor working for Rooster Teeth and the company's Achievement Hunter division. Like Gavin Free above, Jones also needed his own page due to the number of tropes he has, especially since he was also starting to appear in other works outside of the company at the time.
  • Need for Speed — 2014 film adaptation of the video game series of the same name. (I only made this page in preparation for the film's then-upcoming release at the time; I never actually saw it.)
  • Need for Speed: Underground — Sub-series of Need for Speed games focused on tuners and urban car culture. Considering the popularity of this sub-series, it had to be made eventually, so RfYG took it upon himself to do so. (I only played the second game. I enjoyed it more when I was younger.)
  • Ray Narvaez Jr. — American Let's Player and voice actor who previously worked for Achievement Hunter. At first, Narvaez didn't need one of his own, but when he departed Rooster Teeth in April 2015, his tropes had to be moved from the AH Characters sheet to his own page so people can continue providing tropes for his work and videos done after AH.
  • Stitch & Ai — A Chinese animated TV series that serves as the third TV series in the Lilo And Stitch franchise.
  • Ultimate Sidemen — British gaming group on YouTube. Created as the group became increasingly popular during 2014, which was when the troper started watching their videos. Before then, only two of the group's members had pages here made by another troper. (I still watch their videos to this day; I enjoy their Cards Against Humanity videos most. Don't care for their FIFA videos.)
    Reworked or significantly-edited pages 
Pages that were already made before by others here, but I have significantly edited or outright remodeled into their current states (or at least an earlier version thereof). Subpages that I created as a result of reworkings are included here.
  • Forza — Semi-sim racing video game franchise published by Microsoft Studios. The page was originally created here under the series' initial name Forza Motorsport. When Forza Horizon became a series, RfYG reworked the introduction to show its then-newfound prominence alongside the older Motorsport series—including folders detailing both series individually—and also provided a new image featuring the franchise's logo and the logos of both series. He later moved the page to its current name after noticing the franchise's Wikipedia article having been moved to the shorter name as well, which is justified considering Horizon 3's announcement. (I do enjoy this series, yes. I'm more biased towards Horizon, however.)
  • Lilo And Stitch — 2002 Disney animated Science Fiction comedy-drama film. Besides editing the tropes list plenty of times, RfYG also edited it to more properly cover the franchise that spawned from it. He also removed the sections relating to Lilo And Stitch 2 Stitch Has A Glitch and The Origin of Stitch short film and moved their tropes to a new page (see folder above). He's also since created a new franchise page (also see folder above). (This is one of my favorite Disney films, and Stitch is my favorite Disney character.)
    • YMMV.Lilo & Stitch — Subjective tropes for the film and the franchise. RfYG contributed several subjective trope examples and separated it between the franchise and the original film only. He also added a list to other franchise works' YMMV pages.
    • Characters.Lilo & Stitch — The characters sheet for the Lilo & Stitch franchise. Previously, it was just a long, somewhat disorganized sheet of characters and their tropes that appear in the franchise. RfYG first separated them into sections based on their debuts and their roles. Then, he decided to put them into different pages based solely on their roles (with the exception of the Stitch! anime's already-made Characters sheet) and convert the main Characters page for the franchise into an index. He created different pages for the titular duo of Lilo Pelekai and Stitch, the franchise's major and minor recurring characters, and the many experiments, the last of which allowed for the creation of folders covering many other recurring experiments. An image was later provided for the index page, and Characters.LiloAndStitchTheSeries would be created as a redirect. The Experiments' characters sheet was later updated with full lists of all the experiments after the "List of experiments from Lilo & Stitch" Wikipedia article was nominated for deletion for its fourth time, with a belief that the page over there will finally be deleted because of "fancruft".note  Content from fan wikis, which contain a lot non-canonical information, will be avoided.
  • Need for SpeedRacing video game series published by Electronic Arts. RfYG provided many different logo images on the top (the page initially showed the cover of the first game), separated the list of games into eras, then later moved said list to a Recap page, and reworked the description. He also provided some trope examples to both the Video Game and YMMV pages. (NFS is one of my favorite video game franchises.)
    • Need for Speed: Most Wanted — Two games in the Need for Speed series with open worlds and Hot Pursuits. The page was originally created by another troper who only made it focused on the 2005 original. When RfYG found out about this page and its 2005 bias, he had to change it up so it covers both that game and the 2012 game of the same name. New image, rewritten description, redone and expanded trope list, the works. (For the record, I have played and enjoyed both games as they are, but I didn't want one game to be the only occupant of the Most Wanted title here.)
  • ReactThe Fine Brothers' metaseries of reaction videos. The page was originally created here as "Kids React To" under the Web Video namespace, even though what is now the first React show has always been titled just Kids React. RfYG moved the page to WebVideo.KidsReact first, then as Teens, Elders, and YouTubers React came along, he moved it again to its current name. Combined with the increasing popularity of the shows at the time, the troper believes that both page moves helped tropers find the page and make countless contributions to it since. RfYG would later organize the page's tropes list into folders separating tropes found in either one of the different React shows or throughout the whole metaseries, as well as providing an image. (I stopped working on the page as much after it was heavily expanded, then later just stopped watching the series outright in 2016. Not because of the "React World" debacle, I just simply lost interest.)
  • Characters.Rooster Teeth — The Characters sheet for the Austin, Texas-based production company. First, RfYG simply moved the Achievement Hunter employees to their own Characters sheet, then later he decided to separate all the employees into different pages (creating pages for The Original Six founders and the company's other employees and collaborators) and convert the main RT characters sheet to an index.
  • TV Tropes — This very wiki. (I was the one who provided the current first line on the page. I thought that what is now the second line on the page was a little too insensitive to start out with, so added a nice little informal line to make the page seem more welcoming. It's not much of a contribution, but sometimes it's the little things that count.)

Trope Pantheon work:

    Gods ascended 
Gods and dominions that I worked on that have ascended to the Pantheon. I haven't done any newer ones as of late because of the increasingly hard difficulty to get my suggestions noticed.


Tropes that could be used to describe me include:

  • Catchphrase: "Minor edit(s)." "Some edits." "A small edit." "Added trivia." The list goes on. I use a lot of the same generic phrases in my edit reasons; blame text caching features in web browsers for that.
  • Grammar Nazi: Part of my numerous minor edits.
  • Hidden Depths: I know a few tricks when it comes to wiki editing. See those nice-looking, easier-to-navigate navboxes on the top of some pages (mostly character sheets) that are used instead of those plain-looking yet cluttered navigation lines? That was my creation, using this site's standard text formatting including the WMG headers, centered text formatting, and text shrinking; others tropers have since adopted it. I believe I first made those for the Lilo & Stitch character sheets, where they are still in use to this day.
  • Hollywood New England: I'm from this region and proud to be a citizen of my New England state. (I'm not telling which one it is.)

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