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Hi! My name is Andy Ashley and my profile name is Andyxdr. I also use that name for my accounts on YouTube and Fandom Powered by Wikia, although on the former, it's spelled with a lower-case, rather than an upper-case, first letter.

I'm currently 20 years old and I live in League City, Texas, at the moment. I was born in California in 1999 and my family lived with me there for almost 8 years. We moved all the way to North Carolina in 2007 and then to Texas in 2013 6 years later. I joined TV Tropes towards the end of March 2015 and during that year, I've done some things which I'm not particularly proud of and I didn't do anything here in 2016, but now, I'm back and I'm putting those things behind me! I joined this website after observing a number of things in 2014 and the main reason I joined was because I wanted to fix certain things I wasn't happy with, and now I've returned for that same reason! In 2019, I moved to my grandparents' house in Pasadena, California.


I'm a huge fan of Real Life sections and I believe that not having a real life section doesn't automatically mean a trope isn't used in real life, people just don't add real life examples for one reason or another. Although I like real life sections, I still understand why certain tropes can't have real life examples and I often agree with that. Sometimes, I feel rather surprised to see real life examples on certain tropes, and not in a good way.

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