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Rev.First Speaker Schol-R-LEA;2 of the Last Eristic Church of Finagle and Holy Bisexuality

Computer programmer, Gender Bender fan (and non-binary themself), and all around geek

sigh Someday I really will learn to get all the details finished the first time, and using preview regularly before committing a change, without me (or worse, someone else) having to go back and fix it.

Appears to have the dubious distinction of being the first Troper to post entries mentioning Andy Warhol (in Leave the Camera Running and Take That!). Who says that tvtropes isn't High Art?


In August 2009, Schol-R was to blame for a spate of apotheoses, namely:

By early 2017, the only ones still holding places in the pantheon were Zan and Jayna, and they were in a different seat from the one originally proposed.

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