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20th Feb, 2020 01:02:08 PM

Try to PM him again with an original title and wording? I think it may be a good idea, maybe he'll care about it this time. As for the pages, they don't really bother me but I'm not necessarily advocating for keeping them either (except for M. Bison, Shang Tsung, and Johnny Cage as I think they have a unique voice for such an article, they should have been given pages a while ago).

Edited by Piterpicher
20th Feb, 2020 01:13:53 PM

Just P Med him linking this ATT.

20th Feb, 2020 05:58:36 PM

I got the message from Larkman. I apologize for the excess S.D. articles. Can't really do much while recovering from a on the job accident. I did them just to kill time during therapy. I promise to tone them down.

20th Feb, 2020 05:59:46 PM

^ You might want to poke around in some of our wiki projects then; check out the stuff here and see if anything tickles your fancy. You could do a lot if you've got the time on your hands.

20th Feb, 2020 06:26:20 PM

[up] Thanks, but I already got something planned. As for the S.D.'s I'll probably tone it down to 3 every month.

20th Feb, 2020 06:40:53 PM

Quantity isn't the problem. If you made one page a day, that would be fine, so long as the characters are actually worthy of having a self-demonstrating article (meaning that they speak in a distinct voice that translates well to text form). So it might be best to ask in the SD cleanup page whether or not the character's speech patterns are good enough if you have any more ideas.

20th Feb, 2020 06:42:43 PM

It's not just about toning them down. S.D.'s need to have a unique voice.

TV Tropes strives to have quality articles, and S.D. articles are no exception.

there was an incident a while back where someone was making S.D.'s and not doing a good job. A lot of those got cut.

20th Feb, 2020 06:45:36 PM

Right, it's not about how often you make them, it's about how good the articles actually are.

20th Feb, 2020 07:40:36 PM

And to be clear, it's not about how much effort goes in and how good they are if the character plain doesn't have a unique voice. Like I said, you've done a lot of work on them and that's commendable. But unless the character doesn't have a unique voice that makes you go "oh yeah. It's like (Character X) is talking" there isn't a point to it.

In other words, when it comes to SD pages, there are a lot of characters where a page is simply not viable by merit of the character. Even if the character is interesting and worthy of their own TVT page, they may not be viable for an SD page.

It's not a judgement call on the character or even your work on them, just the way the character happens to be.

21st Feb, 2020 04:31:23 AM

It's worth keeping in mind that "Self-demonstrating" means exactly that - the page should demonstrate or illustrate something by the way it's written. In the case of a character page, being written in the first person isn't enough for the page to be SD. It must show off the character's unique voice or personality, in a way a third-person page wouldn't.

In other words: it's a case of the writer's maxim "show, don't tell". It's not a matter of "tell in the first person" as opposed to in the third person.

29th Feb, 2020 02:28:04 PM

I'm wondering if we should lock SelfDemonstrating.Character Pages. It would at least deter people from making new pages and force them to gain some feedback before they can be added. They can still make a rough draft of the page on the Sandbox namespace, but the fact so many have been added that don't have a distinct voice has been a recurring problem for years.

I'm open for alternatives though.


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