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8th Nov, 2019 03:01:31 PM

We may not have it, but Gem Heart or Body to Jewel is the closest thing we have.

8th Nov, 2019 05:30:40 PM

Those really only seem to apply if the item in question is a literal gem. And even then its more of a treasure found over an actual "Heart of" power artifact.

Hmm, maybe i should see if i can find some more examples.

8th Nov, 2019 05:36:33 PM

The idea comes from what the "heart" symbolizes in this case. Life, center of circulation, just "something so vital", etc. Though occasionally you may find something called "heart of X" without any explanation, but it sure sounds cool.

Just my 2c

9th Nov, 2019 07:47:13 AM

Others that come to mind are "Heart of the Ocean" from Titanic (1997) (just a cool name for jewelry, but it is eventually lost in the ocean), In the Heart of the Sea (just means they were in the middle of the sea), the Princesses of Heart from Kingdom Hearts (young women who are pure of heart). I'm not sure if these can be pulled together to make a trope, but who knows?

Edited by Synchronicity
9th Nov, 2019 10:24:53 AM

I'd say send it to the trope launch pad if you can find plenty of examples

9th Nov, 2019 07:42:20 PM

Related somewhat to Mad Lib Fantasy Title: it mentions "heart" as one of "emotionally charged words" used for generic fantasy-like titles.


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