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13th Aug, 2019 04:50:01 PM

What else would it be called?

13th Aug, 2019 05:26:49 PM

I'm American and have never heard of "bugbear". They're always just "monsters".

13th Aug, 2019 07:31:58 PM

"Boogeyman" is common parlance for "the monster in my closet/under my bed; would that work?

13th Aug, 2019 08:47:26 PM

As I suggested in the TLP, it might be better for the title to address the "generic hairy monster" angle more directly, because of all the words anyone has suggested for this, they all also mean other things.

14th Aug, 2019 01:37:38 AM

Incidentally, I see that Boogeyman isn't a page yet so maybe someone could TLP that.

14th Aug, 2019 10:35:38 AM

This trope seems to mean specifically bugbears.

That people don't know what a bugbear is doesn't change that this is a trope about them, and thus the clearest name would involve the word bugbear.

This trope does not seem to be just about Boogeymen, which though similar to bugbears, are less confined in form, while bugbears are in forms just like the trope describes, so the trope would be less clear if we named it after boogeymen. In fact, if a boogeyman trope is made, bugbears would be a subtrope.

Edited by pikachu17

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