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🎼 Star Wars nothing but Star Wars 🎶

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Pages created:

Launches and TLP assists:

  • Deathly Dies Irae — helped in TLP with rewriting description, renaming crowner, examples, and created post-launch page image.
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  • Web Video Series — launched after adopting from XFllo
  • Actual Play — proposed and launched

Playing in the sandboxes: Cleanup projects I've started or participate in

Previous cleanups:

I switched site handles on 2020-04-23 after I got comfortable enough with the site to be uncomfortable with my poorly formatted old username; it was never really intended to be a handle, just a login I put little thought into. My former net name "Immora" has been adopted by other people, so I gave up and decided it's past time for a new one that's just mine.



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