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11th Jul, 2019 06:07:36 AM

If I recall, Never Mess with Granny is more like a combination of Underestimating Badassery, (grand) Mama Bear, and Mugging the Monster... it's not "badass grandma" but specifically playing off the "kind little old lady gets attacked and turns it around."

Basically, it's an event trope that relies on Badass Grandma, but it's not the same.

And honestly, I don't think that redirecting Badass Grandpa or making the trope unisex is logical since it's so steeped in the specific "little old lady" cliche.

11th Jul, 2019 09:59:58 AM

Badass Grandpa calls Never Mess with Granny its Distaff counterpart.

Does it need even more TRS??


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