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Administrivia / TRS Wick Cleaning

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This is a list of wick cleanings mandated by TRS efforts. Please add new work piles to the bottom of the list, so that older efforts have better visibility.

If you're waiting on a TRS slot, finishing off one of these is a great way to open up a spot.

Dates are written in month/day/year format.

Renames — be sure to check the definition of the page(s), many of these were renamed due to misuse.

Image Boards to 4chan: 440 wicks (with 98 additional as Imageboard) as of 04/15/2020

  • Only wicks directly referring to 4chan need to be changed.

Bigger Bad to Greater-Scope Villain: 764 wicks as of 09/15/2020

Mommy Issues and Daddy Issues to Freudian Excuse: 395 wicks and 483 wicks respectively as of 01/09/2020


Fanfic.Sovereign GFC Origins to Fanfic.Origins: 275 wicks as of 01/09/2020

Literature.Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs to Literature.Snow White: 288 wicks as of 01/09/2020

Anime.Doraemon to Manga.Doraemon: 839 wicks as of 02/06/2020

Anime.Moribito Guardian Of The Spirit to Literature.Moribito Guardian Of The Spirit: 120 wicks as of 03/22/2020


Myth.King Arthur and Main.King Arthur to: 1164 and 858 wicks as of 04/03/2020

Crazy Awesome to Success Through Insanity: 4649 wicks as of 5/30/2020.

  • Success Through Insanity is a Main namespace trope, so make sure to move all applicable wicks from their YMMV page to their work's trope page.

Splits — wicks need to be changed to two or more different tropes

Most require familiarity with works.

Megane to the various Glasses Tropes: 852 wicks as of 01/09/2020

  • Only wicks that directly refer to the fanspeak term should stay

Green Lantern Ring to: 454 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Toy Ship to Puppy Love: 686 wicks as of 10/10/2019

  • Only wicks that directly refer to the fanspeak term should stay. In-Universe examples go to Puppy Love.

Nerd Glasses to Opaque Nerd Glasses: 1608 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Closer to Earth to its subtropes: 763 wicks (with 12 additional in Down to Earth and 101 additional as Voice of Reason) as of 10/10/2019

Infant Immortality to: 1762 wicks as of 3/15/2020

Incest Is Relative: 1020 wicks as of 10/10/2019

  • Surprise Incest if it involves one or more parties not knowing in advance.
  • Depending on the context, other tropes in the index may apply.

Badass in Charge to its subtropes: 662 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Hidden Badass to its subtropes: 354 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Girly Girl to its subtropes: 851 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Tomboy to its subtropes: 2747 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Mismatched Eyes to its subtropes: 703 wicks (with 25 additional as Heterochromia, 14 additional as Boat Lights, and 2 additional as Odd Eyes) as of 10/10/2019

Wizards and Witches to its subtropes: 91 wicks (with 3 additional as Witches & Wizards) as of 10/10/2019

Might Makes Right to its subtropes: 1214 wicks as of 10/10/2019

The Cynic to its subtropes: 1821 wicks (with 33 additional as The Pessimist) as of 10/10/2019

Ice Queen to its subtropes: 1854 wicks (with 85 additional as Ice King) as of 10/10/2019

The Idealist to its subtropes: 578 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Character Death to the various Death Tropes: 1726 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Moral Dilemma to its subtropes: 244 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Mysterious Woman to its subtropes: 162 wicks as of 11/28/2019

Fanservice Costumes to its subtropes: 68 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Antagonist Abilities to its subtropes: 166 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Wrath to its subtropes: 172 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Murder in the Family to its subtropes: 79 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Parental Issues to its subtropes: 1190 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Gender Reveal to its subtropes: 260 wicks as of 10/10/2019

Power Trio to its subtropes: 3119 wicks as of 01/09/2020 (with 19 additional as Expository Hairstyle)

Expository Hairstyles to its subtropes: 52 wicks as of 01/09/2020

Evil Makeover to its subtropes: 457 wicks as of 01/09/2020

Shapeshifting to its subtropes: 2393 wicks as of 01/09/2020

Body Snatcher to its subtropes: 580 wicks as of 02/26/2020 (with 7 additional as Body Snatching)

Double Standard to its subtropes: 2723 wicks as of 01/14/2020

Suddenly Voiced to Suddenly Speaking: 1292 wicks]] as of 09/09/2020

  • If the wick involves a character being voice acted for the first time or if the voice acting appears later on for a character who can already talk, it can stay. Wicks pertaining to The Voiceless or the like finally talking should be moved.

Go Out with a Smile 2201 wicks as of 09/09/20

  • Go Out with a Smile is for genuine, tearful or peaceful smiles and tender goodbyes before death. Die Laughing is for hearty lauching or mad laughter before dying. Dying Smirk is for spiteful or ironic grins, smirks, and short laughs.

Adorkable 8500 wicks as of 09/16/20

Cleanup — wicks need to be checked for misuse

Shared Universe cleanup: 1336 wicks as of 10/10/2019

  • This trope is defined as "A fictional universe constructed by multiple writers/creative teams working independently from each other." It is frequently misused as shorthand for any Crossover.

Aristocrats Are Evil cleanup: 2443 wicks as of 10/10/2019

  • "Aristocrat" must be shorthand for "evil" to qualify. Pull Zero Context Examples to the discussion. Kill "aversions" on sight.

Me's a Crowd cleanup: 1736 wicks as of 10/10/2019

  • Me's a Crowd is a plot where the main character duplicates themselves. Examples of self-duplication, in general, should be moved to Self-Duplication.

Implacable Man and The Juggernaut: 3631 (with 66 additional as Implacable Woman) and 2366 wicks (with 15 additional as Juggernaut) as of 10/10/2019

  • Frequently misused for each other. The Implacable Man is slowed by obstacles but finds a way to deal with them. The Juggernaut goes right through them as though they never existed in the first place.


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