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15th Apr, 2019 09:14:10 AM

Yes, but the specific instance of the brainwashed people doing what they perceive to be right.

15th Apr, 2019 12:04:52 PM

No, mtmc is "despair, trickery, lies, and sometimes even carefully-selected truths, that are thrown in that successfully break the victim's spirit." It's notable for not being vulnerable to any sort of "dispel" effect, which would end the situation described by the OP.

16th Apr, 2019 03:01:09 PM

Yes, basically putting the brainwashed people into a Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! mentality from their perspective, but this perspective is entirely fictional and provided by the villain so that they'll be more motivated than drones robotically carrying out instructions or people in a haze (as with the Imperius curse) or getting around any kind of "won't do what they're viscerally opposed to" restriction.

For instance, an otherwise honest accountant embezzling money so he can pay for his daughter's experimental surgery, except he doesn't have a daughter, the villain gave him Fake Memories while posing as the surgeon. Or a squad of soldiers who assassinate a politician, because they've been brainwashed to think they've been sent back in time to kill Hitler, and a POV scene shows bodyguards in Nazi uniforms and the target as, well, Hitler.

16th Apr, 2019 03:22:17 PM

Seconding Obliviously Evil. Might also fall under Tomato in the Mirror. There might be something in the Face–Monster Turn page that fits too.


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