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2nd Jan, 2018 01:34:15 AM

The actual body of which page?

2nd Jan, 2018 01:39:33 AM

The Music folder on the Mondegreen page is infested with non-IUEO examples, for starters.

Edited by MegaMarioMan
2nd Jan, 2018 09:57:53 AM

Also a few in the video games folder.

3rd Jan, 2018 02:00:37 AM

These need to be removed, then. That trope was made IUEO a long time ago but apparently needs some cleaning.

3rd Jan, 2018 04:13:18 AM

There's also an awful lot of natter in the Music folder. What is even worth keeping in that folder? There are some cases of one artist referencing misheard lyrics from another artist, so I'm guessing those can be kept, but not the ones that simply say "lyric X sounds like Y" or something like that.

Edit: Removed examples that were clearly misusing the trope as an audience reaction. I left instances of one artist referencing another and artists referencing misheard lyrics from their own songs. There might have been some examples that need to be moved to other folders, because the misheard lyrics were referenced in other types of works.

Another edit: Sorry about any mistakes I might have made; hopefully I fixed them all. I haven't been up for very long so I might not be completely awake.

Another edit: Got to the video game section, which fortunately had a lot less than the music section. There was also a Zero-Context Example that I think might be valid, but I can't verify it because I don't remember what it's referring to.

Edited by GastonRabbit
3rd Jan, 2018 05:20:54 AM

For the ZCE: you could pull it to discussion to ask for context.