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Kuroxeng Moved accounts because meh from error 040
Moved accounts because meh
Apr 7th 2015 at 6:44:13 AM

With the surfacing of the Smash Brothers Fighter Ballotnote  and the internet getting hyped to the extent of even third parties plugging themselves on twitter, I figured that even if your favorite character has zero chances of appearing, atleast you can have fun making a moveset up for them here?

Yes, this thread is all about nabbing anything from anywhere and giving it a Smash Bros alteration.

I'm not going to be restrictie either. Popular game characters, forgotten game characters, cartoons, movies, historical figures... Go ahead and make anything up you want!note 

At the very least you should give a character a general fighting style, four specials and a final smash. If you want to further elaborate, such as smash attacks, aerials or weight/jump properties, taunts, go ahead!



  • Heavy weight with slightly more speed but poorer jumping.
  • Has some wrestling styled moves, inspired from the scene from the first film.
  • Neutral Special: Ogre Roar. Causes tripping and knockback.
  • Side Special: Headlock Grapple. A grab move that hops forward and bypasses shields.
  • Down Special: Onion Pluck. Shrek digs up an onion from the ground he can either eat for healing or throw for damage. If caught by enemies, they will eat it for health.
  • Up Special: Mutant Donkey Dragon Baby. It lifts Shrek upwards for a bit but then gets tired of carrying his ogrely large frame.
  • Final Smash: MY SWAMP! Shrek takes the opponent for a mouth smashing tour around his swamp as "All Star" plays in the background.

Yes, I went there. I was debating if Goku or Shrek would be the dumber choice, settled with Shrek.

Now, show us your characters moves!

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ironcommando Living nightmare from Terra 102 Relationship Status: Abstaining
Living nightmare
Apr 7th 2015 at 7:01:56 AM

I think we actually have something like this:

Build A Fighting Game Character

[down]Not just Street fighter focused. I've seen a number of people make Smash movesets. Then there's also this and this.

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"Overcoming your worst nightmare is an accomplishment in itself."
Kuroxeng Moved accounts because meh from error 040
Moved accounts because meh
Apr 7th 2015 at 7:11:14 AM

Oh... Well, this is specifically for Smash? And in a more appropiate section...?

Oh, and that thread seems more Street Fighter style focused.

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powerpuffbats Leader of bandits from Green Hill Zone Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Leader of bandits
Apr 7th 2015 at 7:30:42 AM


B: Throw knives

Side B: star things

Up-B: stabs herself in the but to gain height

Down-B: Tom-Tom (functions like Toad)

Final Smash: Throws a bunch of knives


  • Pit: ummm...why is this girl giving me creepy vibes?
  • Palutena: That is Mai, she's the daughter of the former governor of the city of Omashu.
  • Viridi: She's also Zuko's girlfriend, Pit, so don't let him see you flirting with her.
  • Pit: Okay, creepy vibe just increased!
  • Viridi: Her parents didn't want her to express herself because they favored her father's political career over her emotional needs.
  • Palutena: And her only childhood friends growing up were Ty Lee and Azula. But she gained a soft spot for Zuko. Anyways, she mostly throws knives and other sharp objects, so be very careful when fighting her.
  • Viridi: Or not
  • Pit: *gulp*

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You know, it is kinda ironic that I'm the one with a 'bonding with people' semblance...
Apr 7th 2015 at 7:33:17 AM

[up][up][up]Well, what would be the ratio of Street to Smash?

As for those links, they have specific targets in mind. As creator of that first thread, I'm not sure if it was a very popular idea.

That said, expect a Ghirahim, Ridley, and RWBY moveset soon...

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Kuroxeng Moved accounts because meh from error 040
Moved accounts because meh
Apr 7th 2015 at 7:35:58 AM

All movesets are welcome! Bring Goku! Bring Ridley! Bring Captain Planet! Bring Abraham Lincoln, historically accurate or the Vampire Hunter version!

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TooManyIdeas The War Dove from Twilight Town Relationship Status: Abstaining
The War Dove
Apr 7th 2015 at 7:59:43 AM

Xion is remembered!

  • Lightweight, fast and aglie, but somewhat fragile.
  • Her moves are mostly generic Keyblade moves from the games.
  • Alts include her casual clothes and Kairi's outfit.
  • Neutral Special: Fire. A fireball shoots out from her Keyblade.
  • Side Special: Strike Raid. Xion throws her Keyblade, doing a good amount of damage.
  • Down Special: Thundra. Lightning strikes around her.
  • Up Special: Event Horizon. Laser beams shoot around her.
  • Up Taunt: Xion casually bites into some sea-salt ice cream.
  • Side Taunt: Xion calls for Roxas.
  • Down Taunt: Xion glows like a lightbulb.
  • Final Smash: Ragnarok. Xion enters her final form, doing massive amounts of damage as Vector to the Heavens plays in the background.

Palutena's Guidance

Pit: Wait, who's this person?

Palutena: I... actually don't know. I can't find her in any of the legends. But she seems very similar to the other Keyblade users.

Pit: Yeah, she's almost identical. Almost like a replica.

Palutena: She appears to be a bit faster, though. Just dodge her attacks and you'll be fine. Oh, and stay out of the way if her armor appears. She's very powerful in that form, it seems.

Pit: I wish I knew who she even was...

You knew I would do it, come on...

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please call me "XionKuriyama" or some variation, thanks!
Enderspy Mariosaurus Rex from The place. Ya know, the place! Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
Mariosaurus Rex
Apr 7th 2015 at 8:52:47 AM


  • Weight and speed similar to Ike
  • Jab, tilts, and aerials : various sword/axe slashes
  • Fair and Bair : crossbow shots
  • Dash attack : a spinning mace attack
  • Usmash : an overhead warhammer swing
  • Dsmash : a fire spell on each side
  • Fsmash : a chain lightning spell
  • B : FUS RO DAH!(charged attack, low damage, high knockback)
  • side B : Whirlwind Sprint(dash attack)
  • down B : Ward(deflector)
  • up B : ice spell that works similar to Elwind
  • Final Smash : Call Dragon(Odahviing lands next to the Dovahkiin, breathes fire, swings his tail around, and flies off)
  • other properties : has a shield that works the same as the Links'

ROAR! Wahoo! Nintendo Switch friend code: SW-2389-0061-6524
Apr 7th 2015 at 9:08:41 AM

Well, let's see... There's roughly 24-26 attacks per character, so it'd be best to know what they all are.

A attacks:

Ground: Neutral (usually a combo of three buttons), side, up, down.

Air: Neutral, forward, backward, up, down.

Specials: Neutral, side, up, down. Sometimes are different depending on if it's in the air or not.

Others: Dash attack, Get-up attack, ledge attack, grab, pummel, throws (up, forward, back, and down)

So making it for four characters gives you about 100 moves.


Gonna make Shadow's moveset.

I tried making him with his own distinct and unique moveset, but I couldn't think of a fitting move for all of them, so I took some from Sonic (and one from Mario). I linked moves that existed in Sonic Battle.

Neutral A combo: Shadow Chop, Shadow kick, and Shadow Back Kick.

Side A: Shadow Slider

Dash Attack: Somersault: Shadow briefly rolls up into a ball, knocking into the opponent.

Up A: [Taken from Sonic] Shadow kicks upwards at the air twice.

Down A: [Taken from Sonic] Shadow spins, kicking the ground just in front of him once.


Side: Chaos Nightmare

Up: [taken from Sonic] Ducks in charge up, before hopping up and curling into a ball.

Down: Chaos Magic

Air Attacks:

Nair: [Taken from Sonic] Shadow curls up into a ball, hurting those nearby.

Fair: Air Chaos magic.

Bair: [Taken from Sonic] Shadow kicks behind himself.

Uair: Shadow back-flips in mid-air, kicking those above him.

Dair: [Semi-taken from Sonic] Shadow kicks towards the ground. No start up, and drops down faster than Sonic (rocket shoes).


Neutral Special: Chaos Boost: Must be charged, charge cannot be stored (I'm thinking 7 seconds of charge time is fair). Shadow remains still, building up energy. If successful, he will be completely invincible for ten seconds.

Side Special: Chaos Spear: Shadow fires out two beams of light, with mild homing capabilities.

Up Special: Chaos Control: Shadow Teleports a short distance away. Short delay as he quickly calls out the move's name. Upon using it, Shadow cannot use Chaos Control again until he lands.

Down Special: Chaos Blast: Shadow's momentum is halted as he conjures up energy. Then a wave of destructive energy comes out of him, damaging those nearby. Super Armour until the move comes out. Heavy end lag.


Grab: Shadow snaps his fingers, a small void appearing right in front of him. If a fighter is in the void, the grab is succesful.

Pummel: Shadow squeezes his fist, the void briefly growing smaller and dealing damage.

F-Throw: Shadow pushes his palm forward, the void breaking and knocking the opponent forwards.

B-Throw: Shadow teleports behind the opponent and kicks them from behind. Reference.

U-Throw: Shadow back-flips, kicking the opponent into the air.

D-Throw: Shadow directs the void into the ground, the opponent bouncing away when they collide.


Ledge Attack: [Taken from Sonic] Shado climbs onto the ledge, rolling into a ball.

Get-up Attack: [Taken from Mario] Shadow spins, kicking at both sides of himself once, before getting up.

[down] Ah right, completely forgot about the Final Smash. Yes, it would be Super Shadow.

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Kuroxeng Moved accounts because meh from error 040
Moved accounts because meh
Apr 7th 2015 at 9:40:04 AM

I assume his Final smash is just turning super like Sonic?

That's a long list, listing every possible attack. Have a cookie for effort.

Not to discourage anyone else though, shorter lists are fine too. As long as it has at least a general style (like "speedy Kick Chick" or "heavy BFS")note  and the specials plus Final Smash listed, it's good enough.

But it is nicer to have the smashes, tilts and all the other doohikeys listed too.

Moved handles because meh
Apr 7th 2015 at 9:59:17 AM

Ghirahim reappears!

Alts: What you'd expect, except for a Zant color scheme, and a costume showing his true form.

Appearance: Arrives in a bright flash, referencing his debut in Skyview Temple.

Fighting Style: Very flamboyant, much like how Marth handles, except for more emphasis on the ground game. Similar grabs. However, a few things to keep in mind:

Dash Attack: The same one he uses in his Skyview Temple battle.

Side Smash: When first activated, he chops in a downward motion, much like Ike's, but goes faster with less power. But when fully charged, the rapier changes into the enormous broadsword from his final encounter, just for that occasion. Afterwards, it's just a rapier again.


Neutral B: Disarm - Similar to Villager's Pocket. If an attack, any attack, lands while it's activated, the opponent cannot use that same attack again until Ghirahim's next attack, which will now have increased power compared to his attacks afterwards. If it misses, the opponent still regains the attack.

Side B: Blood Knife - Uncharged, it's only one that appears in front of Ghirahim. As it charges, the number increases one by one, until a full charge unleashes five knives, effectively increasing the hitbox as well as a combo hit. The trajectory can be altered after release, much like Pit's arrows.

Down B: Underworld Strike - As the button is held down, the rapier starts glowing red. After charging, Ghirahim can then store and release the aura either in a blast, a beam forward or straight up, depending on which smash attack he uses.

Up B: Vanish Lunge - As he similarly does in his Fire Temple battle, Ghirahim disappears in a blaze of diamonds, only to reappear higher up and plummet down with his sword, striking anyone in its path. Location of reappearance can be influenced in an upward-diagonal direction.


Up Taunt: Unclasps his cape, flips it around like a bullfighter, and clasps it back on.

Side Taunt: Does his signature post-fight sword twirl, but without the disappearance.

Down Taunt: Whips his tongue around in a sadistic fashion.

Final Smash: Demise! - Ghirahim goes limp, and a black vortex bursts from nearby his body. After the smoke clears, Demise is standing in Ghirahim's place, holding the Dark Master Sword. He deals with each opponent personally, by leaping right to them (even if it means going through walls) and delivering them a single, crippling strike!

Palutena's Guidance:note 

Pit: I can't decide what's worse: The dumb clothes or that freaky tongue. What is this, Thanatos' long-lost cousin or something?

Palutena: Pit, try to keep the jokes to yourself when facing the Demon Lord Ghirahim. Something tells me he wouldn't appreciate you making fun of him.

Pit: "Demon"? So I was right.

Palutena: Well, yes. But not from Medusa's army. Long ago, Ghirahim ruled over the Surface, which would later be named Hyrule.

Pit: Hey! That's where Link comes from. And Zelda!

Palutena: Mhmm. You catch on fast. Before Ganondorf, there was the evil Demise, which Ghirahim worked constantly to set free. He actually played a key role in the creation of the Master Sword. At one point, Ghirahim could yank it right out of Link's hand with just two fingers.

Pit: What?! B-but that's impossible! She shouldn't even be able to touch the thing.

Palutena: Back in the day, all beings of evil could touch it and live to tell the tale. And he'll do the exact same to you if you're not careful. Overcommit to one attack, and Ghirahim will see it coming and snatch it right out of your arsenal.

Pit: Okay, so I just have to mix it up. Sounds easy enou- Wait, demon lord? You mean it's a he?? Then what's with the eyeshadow?... Actually, don't answer that...

RWBY moveset might actually take a while. I want to finish watching before starting on it.

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TooManyIdeas The War Dove from Twilight Town Relationship Status: Abstaining
The War Dove
Apr 7th 2015 at 10:01:36 AM

Oh my God, there are taunts. Hang on a sec...

please call me "XionKuriyama" or some variation, thanks!
Brahian1 Maid of Time from Where Nothing Gathers Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
Maid of Time
Apr 7th 2015 at 10:04:54 AM

imma do one for roxas

his taunt will be "Shut up!"

i think i mostly want to see what happens when this whole place breaks apart
Kuroxeng Moved accounts because meh from error 040
Moved accounts because meh
Apr 7th 2015 at 10:05:22 AM

Oh fuck, I forgot to mention taunts as well!

Yes, you can list taunts, but it's not necesarry.

Moved handles because meh
TooManyIdeas The War Dove from Twilight Town Relationship Status: Abstaining
The War Dove
Apr 7th 2015 at 10:12:24 AM

I kind of want to write one of these...

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please call me "XionKuriyama" or some variation, thanks!
Kuroxeng Moved accounts because meh from error 040
Moved accounts because meh
Apr 7th 2015 at 10:15:39 AM

Well sure, go ahead and add it to your entry. Seems fun.

You can even make a Starfox one too, since those are a thing now.

And go ahead and make a Codec one if you prefer. Since those were a thing.

[down]I should have seen this coming, what with all the FNAF stuff on Miiverse...

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Weirdguy149 The Dead Man from The Flying Dutchman Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
The Dead Man
Apr 7th 2015 at 10:39:20 AM

Are you ready for Freddy? Freddy Fazbear has joined the battle!

Alts: Gold, Shadow, Phantom, Bonnie colors, Chica colors, Foxy colors, and a Toy Freddy alternate costume.

Appearance: Stands motionless. Then his eyes light up and he gets into a fighting pose.

Neutral A: Punch, punch, microphone whack.

Side A: Slash.

Up A: Uppercut.

Down A: Lunge.

Dash Attack: Grabs for the opponent and bites them.

Side Smash: Wind-up punch.

Up Smash: Jumping bite.

Down Smash: Smashes both hands on the ground.

Nair: Kick.

Fair: Donkey Kong's Fair, pretty much.

Uair: Celebrating arm pump.

Dair: Jump kick.

Bair: Reverse nelson.

Neutral Special: Screech. Temporarily paralyzes the opponent.

Side Special: Hat Boomerang. Throws his hat like a boomerang. Stays motionless unless he gets hit.

Up Special: Screech Propulsion. Same temporary paralysis with a small sweet spot that allows for Meteor Smashes.

Down Special: Evil Eyes. He switches out his eyes to get a small attack and speed boost at the cost of added fragility.

Grab: Bearhug.

Pummel: Squeaky Microphone whack.

Throws: He tosses the opponent in the direction of the control stick.

Ledge Attack: Back flip.

Get-up attack: Small screech.

Final Smash: Toreador's March. After Freddy hugs his targets, a cinematic starts. He tosses his opponents to Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy, each giving them a bit of damage. It ends with the opponent impaled on a suit, causing huge knockback.

Up Taunt: Takes off his head, showing his endoskeleton, then puts it back on.

Side Taunt: Turns slowly to the camera, doing his signature chuckle, then turns back to the fight.

Down Taunt: Puts on shades and says in a mechanical voice "Inhale my dong enragement child."

Up Victory Pose: Reclines on an animatronic suit.

Side Victory Pose: Performs with Bonnie and Chica.

Down Victory Pose: Eats a slice of pizza.

Losing Pose: Stands motionless, twitching every so often.

  • Palutena's Conversation:

Pit: Oh gosh, what's that smell?

Palutena: That's Freddy Fazbear, an animatronic from his own pizzeria.

Pit: But why does he smell like dead human?

Palutena: According to legend, he kills people every night by stuffing them into an animatronic suit.

Pit: Oh gosh! ...I'm not going to die, am I?

Palutena: I wouldn't be too worried. He's slow, but his attacks are quick. Just get out of his way and he'll go to the scrapyard.

Expect movesets for Springtrap and the Puppet in the future.

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Do you fear death?
powerpuffbats Leader of bandits from Green Hill Zone Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Leader of bandits
Apr 7th 2015 at 1:17:40 PM

I'm making it easy on myself by namely naming the specials.

You know, it is kinda ironic that I'm the one with a 'bonding with people' semblance...
videogmer314 from that one place Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
Apr 7th 2015 at 5:59:19 PM

Isaac Rocks the Competition!

He would weigh about the same as Marth and Lucina. He has a sword, sure, but he also uses Venus Psynergy. His ground game is his main strong point, but not to the same extreme as Little Mac. His specials have unusual properties (mostly in the form of status effects), and his smashes have more range than most.

  • Normal attacks:
    • Neutral: A three-hit sword combo.
    • Side tilt: A downward slash in front of him.
    • Up tilt: An upward stab.
    • Down tilt: Isaac punches the ground, creating a small shockwave that trips fighters. It's fairly slow, however.
    • Dash attack: A jump attack, like Link's dash attack or the original game's attack animation.
  • Smash attacks:
    • Forward smash: Isaac charges up, then casts Thorn: a large, thorny vine grows out of the ground in front of him. If there isn't any ground in front of him, the move will fail.
    • Down smash: Isaac charges up, then casts Quake Sphere: he stomps the ground, creating a shockwave that launches nearby grounded enemies. It can reach a quarter of the way across Final Destination in both directions, but the attack is weaker against foes standing farther away. At its maximum range, fighters won't even flinch from it.
    • Up smash: Isaac charges up, then casts Gaia: he summons a boulder from the ground, sending it flying up. It will break if it hits a solid platform, but it will otherwise travel the entire height of the stage. If there isn't any ground in front of him, the move will fail.
  • Grab:
    • Startup: He summons a giant hand (about as tall as he is), which then sweeps in front of him. The hand holds the foe in place.
    • Pummel: He hacks at the enemy with his sword.
    • Up throw: The hand tosses the enemy up a bit, then punches upward.
    • Forward throw: The hand tosses the enemy up, then slaps the enemy, sending them at a 25 degree angle.
    • Down throw: The hand mashes the enemy into the ground, sending the enemy straight up.
    • Back throw: The hand moves backward, throwing the enemy at a 35 degree angle behind Isaac.
  • Aerial attacks:
    • Neutral: He spins around once with the sword out. Hits in front of and behind him.
    • Up: An overhead slash, going from front to back.
    • Forward: He stabs in front of him.
    • Down: He kicks below him. Not capable of meteor smashing.
    • Back: He slashes behind him twice; once while turning around, and again while turning back.
  • Ledge attack: On the way up, he stabs the ledge with his sword, causing a stone spire to rise up briefly and recede right as he jumps up.
  • Specials:
    • Neutral special: Move. He summons a giant hand (twice as tall as he is), which then pushes enemies in front of him without damaging them. It will travel about halfway across Final Destination before disappearing. During this move, Isaac can't do anything else.
      • Variation 1: Force. Instead of pushing enemies, he punches them with the hand. It has a startup delay as he charges it, and its hitbox isn't as tall, but it deals moderate damage and has KO potential.
      • Variation 2: Slap. Taken from Dark Dawn, this move involves slapping with the giant hand. It's faster and weaker than Force, but it has a tipper sweet spot that lets it hit just as hard. It has some ending lag as the hand remains in the air before disappearing.
    • Side special: Djinni Unleash. Isaac jumps forward, pauses in midair as one of four Djinn charges up his sword, then he finishes his jump attack. The three variants use different elements of Djinn. The Djinn are always unleashed in the same order. It has a lengthy startup delay (~1 second) and each Djinni design is unique, letting both you and your opponents tell the difference.
      • Default: Venus Djinni Unleash. This cycles between Flint, who deals more damage than any other Djinni; Sap, who restores Isaac's health upon hitting; Ground, who buries grounded opponents and meteor smashes airborne ones; and Bane, who flowers anyone hit by it.
      • Variation 1: Mars Djinni Unleash. This cycles between Cannon, who gives the best range and recovery (instead of a jump attack, Isaac dashes forward and stabs anyone in his way); Fever, who dazes opponents (like if they're hit with a Deku Nut); Scorch, who launches opponents the farthest, and Torch, who deals massive shield damage.
      • Variation 2: Mercury Djinni Unleash. This cycles between Sleet, who halves your targets' damage for ten seconds; Mist, who puts opponents to sleep; Hail, who makes your targets take more damage for ten seconds; and Serac, who freezes your opponents.
    • Up special: Clay Spire. Isaac throws two stone stalactites down, gaining height from the recoil similar to Robin's Elwind.
      • Variation 1: Meteor Spire. Isaac summons one larger stalactite that provides weaker vertical recovery and it deals less damage overall, but opponents hit by the first frame of the attack will be meteor smashed.
      • Variation 2: Rising Spire. Instead of throwing spires down, he creates one around his casting hand and drills upward with it. It provides about the same vertical recovery as the default.
    • Down special: Growth. He creates a small plant on the ground similar to, but distinct from, Villager's tree in its first stage. If an opponent steps on it, it will rapidly grow and entangle the foe, giving Isaac a free hit. It will wither and disappear after 30 seconds or if you use it a second time. This obviously does nothing in the air.
      • Variation 1: Wild Growth. Instead of trapping the foe, the plant will launch your opponent. The plant only lasts for 15 seconds.
      • Variation 2: Toxic Growth. Your foe won't be trapped as long, but they will take considerable damage from it, and they'll be flowered after they're released.
  • Final Smash: Odyssey, a trapping type FS. The initial attack creates two energy swords about the size of his normal sword; one above him, one below him. They attack in an X shape in front of him. If any opponents are hit by it, they'll be sent to a dark blue dimension where they're impaled by four large energy swords (about as long as Master Hand) from below, followed by one massive sword (about three times as long as Master Hand) stabbing from above, shattering the others that the attack created. Can KO at around 30%.

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powerpuffbats Leader of bandits from Green Hill Zone Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Leader of bandits
Apr 7th 2015 at 6:07:51 PM

Darth Vader Awakens the Force!

  • Neutral special: Force Choke
  • Side special: Saber throw
  • Up special: Force lift
  • Down special: Force push
  • Final Smash: Calls in the Empire to attack his foes

Palutena's Guidance:

  • Palutena: Pit, watch out!
  • Pit: Why, Lady Palutena?
  • Palutena: That's Darth Vader, one of the most evil villains of all time! He used to be a sweet boy named Anakin Skywalker. He fought with the Jedi during the Clone Wars, but he was manipulated into becomeing a sith lord! Watch out for his Force Choke as it closes your windpipe without him even touching you!
  • Viridi: His Force Push will push you away if you get close to him, and he can throw his lightsaber; a sorta laser sword.
  • Pit: How will I be able to fight him?
  • Palutena: Use your projectile attacks, and make sure he doesn't choke you!

You know, it is kinda ironic that I'm the one with a 'bonding with people' semblance...
Weirdguy149 The Dead Man from The Flying Dutchman Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
The Dead Man
Apr 8th 2015 at 5:10:37 AM

Don't wake the baby! The Puppet has joined the battle!

Alts: Phantom and other Monster Clowns.

Appearance: A music box stands on the stage. Then as the music plays, the Puppet floats out of the box. It disappears and he gets into a fighting stance.

Neutral A: Multiple jabs.

Side A: Sweep.

Up A: Upward sweep.

Down A: Floating tripper.

Dash Attack: Flies forward and does a full-body tackle.

Side Smash: Music box whack.

Up Smash: Music box toss.

Down Smash: Balloon Boy and Balloon Girl.

Nair: Spin.

Fair: Spinning slash.

Uair: Backflip.

Dair: Greninja's Dair.

Bair: Back kick.

Neutral Special: Roar. Paralyzes the opponent for a second then knocks it back.

Side Special: Give Life. Throws one of 5 possible masks at the opponent, causing different damage percentages for each mask.

Up Special: Floating Terror. Causes no damage but is an indefinite source of flight for a couple seconds.

Down Special: Balloon Rush. Sends Balloon Boy after your opponent. He vanishes after a few seconds if he doesn't hit anyone.

Grab: Effortless one-handed stranglehold.

Pummel: Squeeze.

Throws: He tosses the opponent in the direction of the control stick, except for the Down-Throw, where he slams the opponent down.

Ledge Attack: Hugs the ledge and sweeps his arms then floats up.

Get-up attack: Strings appear and shake him around to damage the opponent. Then they disappear and the Puppet gets up.

Final Smash: Pop Goes The Weasel. The eponymous song plays as he floats slowly backwards. Afterwards, he flies very quickly at his targets, causing quite a bit of damage, some knockback, and a Meteor Smash effect if his target's in the air.

Up Taunt: Spins and chuckles a little.

Side Taunt: Does the Wacky Arm Dance for a few seconds.

Down Taunt: Turns into a crying child and looks directly at the camera.

Up Victory Pose: Makes a staticy evil laugh.

Side Victory Pose: Goes back into the music box while staring at the camera.

Down Victory Pose: Dances to his victory music.

Losing Pose: Turns into the crying child and applauds.

  • Palutena's Conversation:

Pit: This guy looks sort of unnerving...

Viridi: Another human that got into a stupid fate.

Pit: He doesn't look human to me.

Viridi: The Puppet used to be a kid a long time ago. Then he got shot by another stupid human and he became a ghost!

Pit: Ah! ...Lady Palutena, could you tell me how to beat this guy?

Palutena: He's like the other animatronic, Freddy. Keep out of his way, but hit him with the Upperdash Arm if you can. And above all, keep a cool head.

Tomorrow, Springtrap.

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Ridley shrieks for battle!

Alts: Kraid colors, Phantoon colors, black colors, blue colors, gold colors, red colors, Charizard colors, and Skarmory colors.

SIZE!: Hunched over, he has the same height as Bowser. His wings and tail are noticeably curled inward.

Fighting Style: Mainly attacks with his tail, and to a lesser extent his claws. Absurd range, but to avoid OP claims, this would be compensated for his horrible knockback qualities. Side Smash is literally his only killing move. However, his Down Throw will have Ridley scrape his opponent along the floor, and letting him go by chucking him downwards.


Neutral B: Pyro Sphere - Similar to WFT's Header. Ridley exhales a large fireball in a downward-diagonal direction. Explodes if it hits the floor, extending the range even more.

Side B: Wing Gale - Flaps his wings repeatedly and very rapidly, creating gusts of wind to push fighters for as long as the button is held. It has a deceleration similar to any Fire Breath attack, except it expires a little faster.

Up B: Soar Clutch - A mix between Captain Falcon's and Ike's recovery, Ridley soars upwards with his wings, grabbing the first opponent he connects with. If it hits, Ridley will dive bomb towards the stage after his flight, slamming his victim on the ground. The Blast Clutch custom will add an explosion to the landing, exchanging power for height.

Down B: Tail Blitz - Similar to Captain Falcon's Down B, Ridley will get into position, and rush forward with his tail, doing combo damage along the way. If activated in midair, Ridley will use the move to dive bomb the stage.


Up Taunt: Crouches for an instant, then hops upward with his wings.

Side Taunt: The capsule holding the baby Metroid appears in his hands. Ridley displays it to the player, mouth open and growling.

Down Taunt: Gets into a feral crouch and roars.

Final Smash: Meta Ridley - What else?! Similar to Yoshi's Final Smash, Ridley takes to the skies, allowing control from the player. Press A for a fireball, and B for plasma breath.

Palutena's Guidance: note 

Pit: Holy mackerel, that screeching! My ears are ringing! Lady Palutena, you wouldn't happen to have some ear-plugs, would you?

Palutena: Sorry, Pit, it didn't cross my mind. That's Ridley, by the way. Leader of a band of space pirates, and also Samus's arch-enemy. Two things to watch out for are his Soar Clutch and Tail Blitz. Avoid these at all costs.

Pit: Okay, my ears are getting really bad, now. Are you sure you-

Palutena: Nope. Sorry, Pit. You'll just have to rough it.

Pit: Viridi? Dirt? Stuff it in my ears? Please?

Viridi: What?? How dare you propose such a demeaning use for an element of nature!

Pit: Ah, man... I'm gonna need a hearing aid after this...

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stereotypical stickman, because why not.

for his regular attacks, uses a variety of different spontaneously pulled out of nowhere weapons, a different one for each attack, ranging between fantasy, modern and sci-fi.

specials: neutral: summons a weaker stickman of a random color that attacks other fighters, but has limited health. (no defining features). From most to least common: black; nothing special, runs around, punches things. red: uses a sword. blue: uses a bow. green: uses a rifle. orange: uses a firey blade for hefty damage. teal: electrical blasts of numerous kinds. purple: variety of laser weapons. gray: explosives. white: extremely rare, flies, has sort of 'angel' aspect, with light bursts of various kinds.

side: pulls out a massive laser cannon that travels until it hits a wall or leaves stage, dealing good damage, but stickman can't abort.

up: jetpack, self explanatory.

down:ultimate counter: will counter just about anything, including ranged attacks, and grabs.

final smash: leaves stage in a helicopter, and then waves of stickman-type enemies, and artillery barrage, airstrike, kraken and orbital laser strike hit stage.

They don't have to be balanced, right?

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Well, I guess I didn't state that as a rule. But I figured it would be in everyones best interest to not come in with their "super awesome Original Characters" and Mary Sue the fuck out of them.

Try to keep it sensible, but I'm not enforcing it either. I know that not everyone has the same idea of "balance" so yeah.

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SORRY FOR DOUBLE POST! <— No, that is not a fighter tag line!

Shovel Knight DIGS IN! <— But this is.

Slightly heavy and slower than average, but good jumping.

Regular attacks!

  • Neutral A: Slices with shovel blade.
  • Rapid A: Uses the Dust Knuckles for a flurry of punches.
  • Forward A: Flare Wand.note 
  • Up A: Swings upwards with an anchor.
  • Down A: Quick shovel poke.
    • Aerials!
      • Neutral Air: War Horn. Suspends Shovel Knight in the air briefly and blows away nearby foes.
      • Forward Air: Shovel Slash
      • Back Air: Buckler Backhand.note 
      • Up Air: Throwing Anchor.note 
      • Down Air: Shovel Thrust!note 


  • Side Smash: The charge slash. Immense knockback effect.
  • Down Smash: Burial. Pretty much copies Villager's.
  • Up Smash: Shield Bash. Borrows Shield Knight's great shield for an upwards bash attack. Blocks any attack and strikes through!

Grabs and throws: one handed throat grab, pummels are shovel smacks to face and throws are various shovel swing launches.


  • Neutral Special: Chaos Sphere.note 
  • Side Special: Alchemy Coin.note 
  • Down Special: Fishing Rod.note 
  • Up Special: Propeller Dagger! Shovel Knight soars through the air blade first! Can be angled before launch and steered mid flight! Hits foes multiple times.

Final Smash: Treasure Hoard! Shovel Knight produces a chest which opens up violently, shooting gold and jewels across the screen! This attack gets stronger the more treasure Shovel Knight has accumulated with the Alchemy Coin!

Unique Mechanic: Treasure! collecting treasure with the Alchemy Coin isn't just for powering up the Final Smash! But I'm not sure what!note 

Up taunt: does his victory/level entry pose with the little jingle.

Side taunt: the town bard shows up and plays a short clip from the game.note 

Down taunt: flips a random treasure in his hand.

Palutena Guidance: note 

  • Palutena: I wouldn't laugh if I were you, Pit. Shovel Knight is a mighty foe.
  • Pit: Shovel Knight?! What is he gonna do, bury me?
  • Palutena: Among other things, yes. He has a wide arsenal of weapons as well and can keep bouncing off the heads of his foes for days.
  • Pit: Okay, that sounds less than comfortable.
  • Palutena: It is. I recommend to keep your Orbitars ready at all times as well.

PHEW! Man, last time I'm doing all of this for a character here. Gonna stick with short descriptions from now.

EDIT: Tried to condence this damn thing by using the [[note]] and [[/note]] mark ups... We all should try. The pages get dreadfully long.

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