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Yup, welcome to my tropers page. I don't do a whole lot of work on the wiki, most of the time I'm just browsing around messing with the Destroy the Godmodder page and getting more tropes linked to it, although I will clean up pages that I notice need it as I'm doing that.

I do a little bit in a couple of different places, and I keep an eye on the Trope Pantheons, namely because of their link with DTG. I don't get too much time on the computer, so most of the time I spend online involves it.


I can be a bit insensitive sometimes, but not realize it, so if I offend you, its on accident. I try to be friendly when I'm online.

I might add a 'what tropes apply' if I find time/interest in doing so at a later point.

I enjoy Minecraft, Homestuck, Destroy the Godmodder, and various other things. Those are just the things I'm doing right now.

Check out Destroy The Godmodder some time, its actually pretty cool.

Past signatures:

Not DTG:

  • Life is like a spoon, just because you find it pointless doesn't mean you should through it away.


  • Some conflicts are timeless. Others take time by the throat and throw it to the sharks.
  • Time is fickle, but you don't always get a choice. Not even the gods can save us from those who do.
  • You say you're a god? Well then, that assuages my worries. You don't pose a threat after all.

Eric's poem:

I left my friend to live his life.
And now the price I pay;
The multiverse has drowned in strife,
And now I'm far away.

The final fight is nearing,
Its time to end the war.
I see the lives within a clearing,
The last ones that I fight for.

I let my past blind my sight,
And everyone paid the price.
For now I have to put things right.
Its time to roll the dice.

the Destroyer's poem (but it isn't all that it seems to be):

Broken promises
Shattered dreams
Bursting at the seams
A record scratched
A new scheme hatched
The destroyer's rise is near.

Broken structures
Blazing earth
What are a few lives worth?
A crushing war
A few months more
The destroyer's rise is near.

Dying heroes
Dark lords dethroned
The fool stirs up the mix
The multiverse
A living curse
The destroyer's rise is near.

Dark confessions
All is lost
None thought about the cost
The endless swarm
An oath resworn
The Avenger's finally here.

Though all is gone
The last lines drawn
The Destroyer's path is laid.
If this goes on
He'll be despawned
The Avenger will be repaid.

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