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YMMV / Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V: Pendulum's Fifth Swing

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  • Critical Research Failure: On two accounts.
    • In Scale 02, Yuya's Pendulum Call lets him add two "Magician" Pendulum monsters. One of the monsters Yuya added was Odd-Eyes Unicorn. The author has noticed the mistake and promises to correct it when he has the time.
    • In Scale 08, Yuzu's new ace monster is called "Requiem Diva of the Salieri Symphony." When Yuzu activates Sonata's effect, all Melodious monsters gain an additional 500 ATK and DEF. Requiem Diva isn't listed as being a Melodious Monster, nor does it have an effect that treats her as one, but it gains the 500 bonus.
      • The author later corrected the mistake by editing Requiem Diva's effects, stating that it is treated as a Melodious as long as Yuzu has a Melodious monster out on her field.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: In canon, Ray Akaba was seen as this by a few people. Fans of the story were absolutely shocked and thrilled to see her included in the story alongside Zarc.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient:
    • The duel with Yuzu and Yaiba. Yuzu showing off Ritual Summoning was one thing, but Yaiba demonstrating Xyz Summoning? No one saw that coming!
    • Scale 10's climactic conclusion. Absolutely no one expected to see Yuya summon the first ever Ritual-Pendulum, much less the Good Counterpart to Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon — Entermate King Odd-Eyes Dragon.
    • Scale 11. Show of hands, who would have expected Shun, the man who despises Fusion with a passion, to Fusion Summon?

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