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Trivia / Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V: Pendulum's Fifth Swing

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  • Creator Breakdown: Of a sort. The author worked with three people, two fellow fanfiction authors by the name of Donjusticia and Shimmering Sky, the latter of which being the brilliant mind responsible for the first two duels in the story. There was a third unnamed collaborator, who was responsible for story direction, though this third collaborator and Starlight's Poet have had a falling out and has since refused to work with him. This turned out to be a major reason why Chapter 8 took so long to be published, as Chapter 7 was posted back in September, 2018. It took 9 months before Chapter 8 was posted. Thankfully, the author has found a new partner for story direction in fellow Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction author, TheStrangerThatCameFromNowhere.
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  • Schedule Slip: While nowhere near as bad as Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R-eset, there was a long gap between Chapters 7 and 8, with Chapter 7 having been published back in September of 2018. It wouldn't be until nine months had gone by before Chapter 8 was published. See Creator Breakdown up above for more details.

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