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YMMV / X-Men Forever

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  • Creator Killer: Caused Chris Claremont to retire from comics, though he eventually came back in 2014 to write a Nightcrawler series.
  • Die for Our Ship: Crazy enough as it is, Jean and Logan's love story is kiboshed as soon as it's introduced so Claremont can pair Jean up with Hank.
  • Protection from Editors: Being an Alternate Universe gives Claremont a lot more freedom than he ever enjoyed on shared universe titles, and he takes full advantage.
    • Which leads to Fridge Logic with the "this is the story Claremont would have told in 1991" aspect; there are changes to the wider Marvel universe that it's unlikely he'd have been allowed to do at the time. Or, indeed at any time in the mainstream Marvel continuity — no editor, for instance, would ever have greenlit Claremont's killing of Tony Stark and making it permanent..


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