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YMMV / Twilight Academy

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  • Crazy Awesome: Angerus. He's a freaking Angry Marine for crying out loud!
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Angerus.
    • Meme, as well, due to her memetic Moe status.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Medea and Isaac. Even the GM attempted to ship it.
  • Memetic Mutation: IamanElfCollaborator being known as the God of Shipping. It became an Ascended Meme when a spirit worshiping "El'Laborator" appeared.
    • Meme's Moe factor. She manages to make EVERYONE like her. Even Darnos and Medea.
  • Though Darnos later traumatized her off by killing someone in front of her, he was ambivalent towards her - which is saying something for him.
  • Moe: Meme.
    • Medea, Selina, Angel and Nikki.
    • Even Isaac can enter this at times, being somewhat Adorkable. Victoria as well.
    • Nikki's more Fridge Horror, if you ask me...
    • Out of the RP, RangerCado.


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