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Isaac is the biggest Yandere ever.

He's currently hinted to be a Yandere for Medea, but take a look at this:

  • He's devoted himself nearly completely to Medea, to the point that his mind cannot physically comprehend the fact that Medea may love someone else and him (it took his own mind modifying itself to get him used to it).
  • He's stated that he would do ANYTHING to protect her.
  • There is the fact that he doesn't seem to have any (romantic) interest in ANY girl except Medea since he met her, not even in his ex-girlfriend.
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  • His reaction in Everything Gaiden when Medea confessed to feel love for him and Kyle, and the ensuing desperate chase.

Isaac may not seem like a true Yandere yet, but if Medea fell out of love with him....

There is an romance spell on the Academy.

Nearly all the couples got together after the first DAY, and most who are pregnant or have kids got them within a month of meeting:

  • Victoria/Selina: Got together on the second day, got pregnant on the third.
  • Kyle/Ashley: After the gratuitous orgy in which they met, they get together ... and get pregnant about 3 weeks later.
  • Darnos somehow impregnated reality itself and created a kid by accident.
  • It appears Isaac/Medea is one of the few exceptions to this rule.


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