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YMMV / The Signal (2007)

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  • Awesome Music: The film has a solid ambiance soundtrack, the most notable being Ola Podrida's cover of "Atmosphere" by Joy Division.
  • Epileptic Tree: Do Mya and Ben leave Terminus? Did the final scene of them departing with Clark and then getting on the train to leave the city really happen and we flash back to Ben snapping Mya out of the Signal's control? Or was it all just a what if Ben was thinking of? The fact the film has a Gainax Ending makes it more confusing.
    • Did Lewis cause his own demise or did he kill himself out of anger at the fact Mya was with Ben the whole time?
  • Designated Villain: Somewhat with Lewis. While he goes around killing and being a psychotic douchebag Crazy Jealous Guy, we never saw any of that early on before the Signal came to be. Plus he, like Ben, wants to find Mya and it's hinted he really loves her, but has a huge hint of paranoia/jealous, hence why Mya cheated on him with Ben.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Signal in general. Anybody affected by it goes completely Ax-Crazy and will either murder someone or have a bizarre perspective of reality.
    • Ben's bizarre hallucination when he and Clark arrive at the train station. He sees Mya standing completely by herself, alone as if something is wrong. When he turns her around, he sees her entire face has been ripped away, Nose, eyes and all! Ben falls on the ground and ask Clark why did he bring him there. Clark's reaction is Laughing Mad, and Ben threatens him with a mix of screaming. Then we cut back to Clark shaking Ben out of his hallucination. WHAT.
    • Lewis.
    • The shorts that came with the DVD are up the nightmare level, showing the effects of the Signal to everyone around the city. From a news crew, a shopping store, a car with a family inside with the GPS system showing the Signal...
      • The the GPS one is notably terrifying as we see from the back of a car perspective of a family witnessing a cop shoot a detainee due to the Signal's frequencies. While that's happening, the mother snaps at her children and does.. something as she goes to the back of the car while the father drives off in a panic and a freak out state. After getting into safety, the mother returns back to the husband, acting eerily calm and saying how there's "peace and quiet", before we see a glimpse of of her hand being drenched in blood.
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  • Tear Jerker: Lewis's entire mission to find Mya is pointless, as Mya's no longer in love with him and is seeing someone else.


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